Where Can You Get This Chooch?

I’m probably the last person to post this commercial on a Phillies blog (Saw this on The 700 Level via Phuture Phillies), but it’s too good not to post. I’ve got to say, Roy Halladay does a good job with it. Who knew the guy could act? And I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before people start calling the Phillies to see where they can get the stuffed Chooch in the commercial.


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Congrats to Chooch on the new baby🙂
I’d like a stuffed Chooch too, Todd…keep us posted!

I wasn’t sure that I could love Roy Halladay any more after last season, but this took my man crush to an entirely different level. Lol. This was awesome.

Agree with all comments – Big Roy is terrific in this, and every phan will want a stuffed Chooch!

I fully expect to see the stuffed Chooch making clubhouse appearances.

Let us know when the stuffed Chooches are available!

I wonder if he’ll lend his dummy Chooch to the other starters when it’s their day to pitch? He looks pretty attached.

That’s priceless! During games you can really see the bond that they have formed.

Um, Caros gets paid for this, right?

Um, Carols gets paid for this, right?

I would like to see pillows made of several of the Phillies.

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