Utley Update (Kind Of)

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The Phillies said this morning Chase Utley has made a small improvement in his rehab.

Is this good news?

“These are kind of baby steps,” Ruben Amaro Jr. cautioned. “I can’t sit here and say this is a giant step forward or he’s going to be ready for Opening Day or anything like that. We’re comfortable with the path. It may take a while. We’ll see if he continues to show progression. Hopefully he will.”

Utley is sidelined indefinitely with patellar tendinitis, chondromalacia and bone inflammation in his right knee. The Phillies have consulted several doctors outside the organization, and Amaro said the Phillies are comfortable with the treatments and progressions Utley is making in Spring Training.

Amaro said Utley has been able to do more exercises than he had in the recent past.

“He has shown some progression in some of the exercises,” Amaro said. “I don’t think he’s taken ground balls quite yet, but some of the work he’s doing with (head athletic trainer) Scott Sheridan in his rehab, he’s doing some more things. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a huge progression, but he’s kind of taking baby steps forward, we hope. I think he’s feeling a little bit better.”

Utley has not played in the team’s first 15 Grapefruit League games, and there no indications he will play in any Grapefruit League games before Opening Day on April 1 at Citizens Bank Park. Utley has been able to take batting practice, but has been unable to run or field ground balls because of intense pain in the knee.

Utley received a cortisone injection March 4, but it offered little relief. Amaro said Utley’s incremental improvement over the past week could indicate the shot helped more than initially believed, but he could not be certain about it.

Amaro said Utley, who has received no other injections since the cortisone shot, is not scheduled to visit any knee specialists in the coming weeks.

“I don’t know if it’s good news or not good news,” Amaro said of his update. “It’s just news. It’s not a lot of news. The main thrust of this discussion is that we’ve made some consultations, we’ve done some research, and right now we’re going to stay with the rehab stuff we’re doing right now and hopefully it will keep moving forward.”


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Well, any kind of improvement is a good thing and they should take it slow. I’m rooting for Utley. He’s a standout player and standout individual. He brings much to the team besides his stats. I don’t think he’s ready to hang up his baseball spikes and glove any time soon so for his sake I hope that he continues to progress. I have so much respect and admiration for him.

From philly.com:

Closer Brad Lidge was scheduled to make the trip to Kissimmee for the Phillies exhibition game against the Houston Astros Monday, but when the bus departed at 8 a.m. he was not on it.

The reason: Soreness in his biceps tendon.

“We just wanted to back him off for a couple days,” general manager Ruben Amaro said.

Lidge last pitched Friday against the Baltimore Orioles and has 9.00 ERA in five Grapefruit League games this spring. He is scheduled to pitch again Thursday in a B game.

Is there any truth to the rumor I’m starting that the Phillies are looking to trade valuable prospects A + B + player to be named later to Texas for Michael Young? Can we do that? Plug him in at 3rd, move Polanco to 2nd and when Ultey does get healthy, we move Young to RF? Cmon Phillies-its only money.

I don’t see how the Phils would go after Michael young unless they knew that Chase was out for the season. It would be cost prohibitive.

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