Lidge Has Sore Right Bicep

I’m off today, but’s Alden Gonzalez is in Kissimmee and filed this update on Brad Lidge:

Lidge was scheduled to be on the bus today to play the Astros, but remained in Clearwater because of tendinitis in his right bicep. Rich Dubee said it is the usual issues of Spring Training and didn’t sound too concerned.

He said he’s unsure if Lidge will pitch in Thursday’s “B” game, but added that he’s still on track to be ready by Opening Day.

“He generally has it in the spring,” Dubee said. “It’s nothing that he doesn’t go through.”

While there’s no timetable for Lidge’s return to the mound, Dubee said that doesn’t necessarily throw him off track because the right-hander “already got more innings than he usually has in the spring.” Lidge has made five one-inning Grapefruit League appearances this spring, giving up five runs in the process (a 9.00 ERA).

Dubee said Lidge’s arm strength isn’t where it needs to be. For now Lidge will get a couple days of rest and see how he feels.


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What do you mean “his arm strength isn’t where it needs to be”? I thought he had a great, healthy offseason and was able to work on his arm strength.
Here we go again with this guy.

Does Lidge realize that he will be the closer for the Pirates next year if he doesn’t get his act together this season. I could care less what he thinks about his bicep tendinitis….. as long as he earns his $12 million.

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