Polanco Hyperextends Left Elbow

Placido Polanco left today’s Grapefruit League game against the Toronto Blue Jays because of a hyperextended left elbow. He had surgery on the same elbow Oct. 29 to remove bone fragments and repair the extensor tendon.

“It’s right where I had the surgery, but it’s nothing bad,” he said. “I’ve had it before. I’ve had it a million times. But the fact that I had surgery in that elbow, we’re being safe. We’re playing it very safe. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow and the next day, take it a day at a time.”

Polanco is uncertain when he could return to Grapefruit League games.

“It’s just a day to day thing I think,” he said. “When I’ve had it before, I never stopped playing. But since I had surgery, they took me out.”

The Phillies already are without second baseman Chase Utley, who is sidelined indefinitely with right knee pain. They cannot afford to lose Polanco, too.

“I’m not worried about mine, because I know how I feel,” Polanco said. “Talking to the trainers and the doctor, it seems like I’m going to be back soon. Chase is the one that worries me, but he seems to be getting better slowly but surely.”


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I beleive we ********** the baseball gods with all the “best rotation in baseball history”, “can we break the all time victory mark”, etc.

Utley, Polanco, Lidge, Brown…please make it stop!

Jimmy, I don’t think Polanco or Lidges injuries will keep them from playing on opening day…… although “Halladayitis” may keep Lidge from playing. lol

Maybe I should have posted that Lidge will sit out opening day because of Doc’s orders. Anyway, it’s too early to panic. The offense has been amazing without Chase and we shouldn’t think they can’t carry it into the regular season. The way Francisco and Gload have been playing, it’s hard to miss Domonic anyway.

Certainly seems like the baseball gods are messing w/the Fightins???

On MLB Tonight a few weeks ago when the Utley injury surfaced, Mitch Williams made the suggestion of the Phils picking up Pedro Feliz (aka Pete Happy) from the Royals (I believe he has a minor league contract with them). At the time he thought that Polanco could play 2nd. Now of course that might not be possible. However, I don’t think the suggestion is all that crazy even without Polanco in the line-up using Valdez of course at 2nd. Just something to think about on this rainy Wednesday morning.

Karen: I can’t imagine Pedro wouldn’t like to come back, what with his ring and all, but I also think it’d be a bit expensive… Not to mention that I don’t think Polanco’s going to be down & out for any significant length of time.

Unfortunately, I think Feliz’s best days are well behind him. There is no way that he can hit better than Valdez and wilson is just as good a third baseman defensively and may even have a better arm.

What happened to us getting DeRosa ?

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