Kenny Chesney Visits Doc, Chuck


Kenny Chesney stopped by Bright House Field today to see the Phillies. He chatted with Charlie Manuel and Roy Halladay in Manuel’s office before their game against the Pirates.


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He sounded vaguely familiar. Country singer.

He sounded vaguely familiar. Country singer.

How cool for Charlie and Roy…I am jealous!🙂


The only reason I know who he is is because he was married to Renee Zellweger for about 5 minutes.

Also with the exception of Hamels, our pitching staff is mostly made up of “country boys”

Well, Blanton is from Tennessee, but he’s from Nashville, which is a bit more urban.

I think this is the country music singer who wrote and sang that Christmas song that had Roy Halladay’s name mentioned in it. The guy is a huge Jays’ fan and is probably spying on the Phils. lol

I love Doc’s commercials. It’s hard to believe that a guy as dead serious as he is on the mound is so funny and full of joy off the mound. It’s great to have guys like that in the clubhouse and it’s the way more players in MLB should be.

Todd wrote about the availability of Castillo, who the Mets just dumped. He hasn’t blogged about it so I guess I’ll ask you guys what you think. Personally, I don’t think any guy who’s constantly injured or getting old or can’t keep his head in the game deserves a chance to play for our Phils. The fact that the Mets released him when the ystill owe him a lot of money speaks volumes by itself, IMO.

gord bamford sand the song about halladay and kenny chesney is pretty popular in this country…


anybody know whos pitching monday against the sox?

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