Amaro on Castillo: Communication Breakdown

Ruben Amaro Jr. said Luis Castillo isn’t here today as the Phillies expected because of a “little bit of a miscommunication with his agent.”

The Phillies expected Castillo to report to camp yesterday. Amaro said Castillo thought he needed to report to camp today.

“I was surprised this morning that he didn’t show up,” Amaro said. “It happens. We were a little confused. Evidently, he was confused, too.”

The Phillies had a physican at Bright House Field this morning, waiting to give Castillo a physical. Castillo never showed. Head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan called assistant general manager Scott Proefrock to find out way. Amaro said Castillo, who is driving to Clearwater from somewhere in Florida, is expected to finally arrive in Clearwater later this afternoon. He will take a physical tomorrow morning and is expected to play tomorrow against the Tampa Bay Rays at Port Charlotte.

Amaro said this does not affect Castillo’s chances of making the team or the team’s evaluation process.

“We’ll just have to evaluate him one less day,” Amaro said. “I just talked to him a couple minutes ago. He’s excited to get here. I talked to the agent and I talked to him. He’s looking forward to getting here.”

But if Castillo is leaving a bad situation in New York and is looking for a fresh start with just nine games to make an evaluation, shouldn’t he have made an effort to get to camp as soon as possible?

“I don’t know what happened with he and the Mets,” Amaro said. “That’s not my issue. What I’m concerned about and what I’m worried about is how he handles himself here in our camp as a Phillie.”


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Notice how Amaro didn’t answer the question about ” shouldn’t he have made an effort to get to camp as soon as possible”?
Points to Zo for asking the right question.

The Mets’ spring training camp is in Port St. Lucie, on the east coast of Florida. If Castillo drove from there down to his home in Miami and then up to Clearwater, he’d be too exhausted to play right away. That would explain why he was 0-4 in his first game.

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