Not A Shocker: Utley Expected to Open Season on DL

Thumbnail image for utley reporters.jpgOpening Day is eight days away, and Chase Utley has been unable to run or field ground balls since February.

Do the math and it is obvious he will open the season on the disabled list.

Ruben Amaro Jr. essentially said so before today’s game against the Twins at Bright House Field.

“I would think so,” said Amaro, asked if he expects Utley to open the season on the DL. “We haven’t seen him on the field yet and we’re a week away. It’s likely he’s not going to be making our club, at least not right now.”

Amaro said Utley will accompany the team to Philadelphia on Monday.

Is he improving?

“Nothing new,” Amaro said. “I think he feels better. We’ll see. It’s kind of a long term process. It’s not going to happen overnight.”

Utley has not said much about his chronic knee pain since March 9, although he said last week he is “moving in the right direction.”

My guess? And this is just a guess based on the fact he has been off the knee since last month and has seen little improvement — there are no indications he is close to running or taking fielding practice anytime soon — Utley returns sometime in June. But if there’s one player who could surprise it’s Utley.


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I am as big a Chase fan as any Phillies supporter I know, but if he is not physically ready to go until June or July , he’ll need at least another 3 weeks on a rehab assignment and after that he’ll be behind all of the pitchers. Say goodbye to the possibility of any contribution by Chase until end of July, at the very earliest. In the meantime, if Castillo continues to play as listlessly as he has his first 2 days and STILL makes the team, Charlie Manual and RAJ should be both severely criticized. Castillo is an old, bad player who only makes a team worse by his clubhouse presence.

This is scary. It looks like thge Phils are just letting Chase eeeeeease into playing condition. There is no more talk about any further treatment. He hasn’t improved BUT he hasn’t gotten worse either. This whole thing could blow up in everyone’s face. Chase could start playing and 3 innings and 3 months later, he could need surgery anyway. Why don’t they just operate?!! If the team knows he’ll be back healthy by August, the y can manage, but if they think he’ll be able to play soon and he ends up missing the whole season, that would really hurt.

I think Chase’s injury is worse than anyone is letting us know. That would explain Castillo. Those other guys have NO track record for playing 150+ games.

Sure, “why don’t they just operate (question mark and two exclamation points)” There is no guarantee that after surgery, he’ll be anywhere close to 100%. It’s easy for fans who think that their $30 ticket or fantasy team entitles them to dictate the future of someone whose livelihood is at stake.
How much is it really going to hurt? They won 97 games last year when Utley played 115 games and had 65 RBI.
Maybe Chase could come down to your place of business and dictate policy to you and your boss?

dolfanman93: It’s “Manuel.” After all this time, shouldn’t you know how to spell the manager’s name? And, who is RAJ? Is that Amaro? Hard to tell. What’s the J for?
But then, you’re a big fan, right?

Mule: don’t be an ***. Your first point, about Manuel is valid. RAJ is a known nickname for Ruban Amaro Junior–how don’t you know that?

AS for Utley-while I’m sure he’ll be back at some point, we need a decent option in the meantime. Valdez seems to be the best (anyone notice his ave this spring?) I would just cut Castillo now and admit it was not a good move to begin with. 1) he’s a Mutt 2) he has no drive 3) he can’t hit 4) he can’t field 5) if he could play the Mutts wouldn’t have cut him and eaten his contract

I think the only reason Castillo is in camp is because Charlie doesn’t trust kids. I would prefer that Valdez play 2B and that either Barfield, Orr or Martinez be on the roster and maybe get some playing time. Castillo is a shot player, but Charlie likes veterans to the detriment of young players. The bullpen is in the same state.

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