The Rotation

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Here is a look at the Sports Illustrated cover of the Phillies’ rotation. Gary Smith wrote the story. Should be great.


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What is this? Everywhere I turn, Cliff seems to be the front man in the spot light. What happened to the man who brought a Cy Young and some serious class to CBP? He’s off to the right? Bah. It’s allllll about Halladay, baby!

Iulus, its simple, really. Last year when we had Doc, Hamels, Oswalt and Blanton was the world making such a big deal about our pitching? all of a sudden Lee shows up and the same 4 guys plus him is the greatest staff ever. It’s not that he’s the best, or the front guy, but his signing is what turned the rotation into the big deal it is

Who cares which one is in front? Just LOOKING at this photo gives me goosebumps and cold chills. I now live far away from Philadelphia. but my heart is right there with our Phils. What a season we have ahead! 🙂

This is great, but where is the closer and the bats? Will scoring runs be as difficult as it was last year?

Here’s a possible reason for Lee being out front:
It could be a marketing ploy for that thing he’s wearing around his neck. He’s the only one wearing anything besides a uniform.
It’s all about marketing, folks.

I always thought Hamels wore something similar to what Lee is wearing around his neck during games?! I think they all look like they can’t wait for the photo shoot to be over with.

karen: He might – they all wear something. Which is all the more reason to wonder why they all took their neckwear off except Cliff. $$

I highly doubt that players themselves had anything to do with where they are in the shot. SI is trying to sell magazines and the Cliff Lee signing was the biggest story in MLB this offseason.

I liked FIJ’s explanation of why Lee is in the front of the photo. I disagree slightly with muleman in that I think the Rawlings Glove Lee is wearing sticks out more than that Philen necklace he’s wearing. If those necklaces really give you better balance, then every athlete in the world should wear one.

phan: SI is indeed trying to sell magazines, but Philen is trying to sell those Voodoo necklaces, too.
erichh: Don’t think that holding up the gloves is an accident either. When it comes to sports and marketing, there are no coincidences. Sure, the players had nothing to do with where they stood – but the magazine orders the photographer. I can’t see it any other way.
Lee being in the front might be representative of the story. I’m just looking at his neckwear and saying that nobody else is wearing anything, and it’s too big a marketing ploy to logically think it was a coincidence.

say bye bye to Castillo

Who cares about Castillo? That was a waste of time from the beginning.

agreed. BTW, I hate the new look on this page

I hope this isn’t a new look and that its just a beta version cause this stinks.

Glad they came to their senses and said Adieu to Castillo.

Hey Todd. What’s with this pathetic new layout? No link to the Phillies site?

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