This Is What You Expected, Right?

A win, that is.

Jimmy Rollins told a great story following today’s 5-4 comeback victory over the Astros. As you might have seen or heard, the Phillies looked less than World Series caliber offensively through eight innings. And while it is just one game, it is Opening Day. It is a bummer to lose Opening Day, although the Phillies somehow recovered from those crippling Opening Day losses in 2007, 2008 and 2009 to make the playoffs.

“We had a couple fans jumping on us right on top of our dugout,” Rollins said, talking about the Phillies walking off the field before the bottom of the ninth inning. “It was kind of comical. They were talking about American Legion ball, and how his team would have done better than that. I don’t know. Maybe it inspired us. The next thing you know we came out and we only made one out and found a way to win. (A loss) wouldn’t have been received well, especially with Roy (Halladay) on the mound.”


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Station to station in the ninth inning. Not our typical Phillies offense, but it’s a win. Keep ’em comin’.

Today John Mayberry Jr. and Ben Francisco grew up.

Wilson Valdez also continued with solid fielding & clutch hitting. Those two big innings was 9 bats small balling back from a 4-0 deficit.

Jimmy knows what’s important. He is the heart and soul of this team.

The guys in the booth were having a little fun with how enthusiastically J-Roll was watching the game in the 9th…and I’m thinking, he’s leading. That’s what he does. That’s what he does, and that’s why he is what he is and why this team is what it is.

Yeah, was really great watching Jimmy run out of the dugout and jump up and down on every hit. He’s a really sympathetic guy, just like the rest of the team.

There is no question that the core players on this team are every bit as enthusiastic about winning it all this season as they were back in 2007 or 2008, when they finally did. That’s totally cool and something that makes this team so very special as the years go by. Valdez appears primed to be a key contributor this time around and two of the several guys the Phils will turn to with Jayson gone came up big to send the first sellout crowd of this season home happy!

‘Twas truly a thing of beauty.


Jimmy is still the force that pulls this team together and makes it better than the sum of its parts. Make no mistake about it, he has been and will continue to be the leader of the most successfuly baseball era in Phillies history. His value is so much more than batting average.

I can’t believe that Valdez didn’t hit into a single DP yesterday. THAT was one of the most important things I saw yesterday.

It’s what I expected!!! I was laughing my head off at all the “fans” that bailed early, just to beat the traffic. It was Opening Day people! Suck it up!

I suppose all our prayers were answered when Wilson didn’t hit into a game-ending doubleplay. Francisco missed 3 balls that Jayson would have caught yesterday. I think Mayberry, Jr. deserves a chance now.

Seeing them hit the ball so great reminded me how good this team is in NL

Eric, I think you owe Ben an appology. He may not be a gold glover (not that Werth was) but he’s doing fine and his bat is as good, if not better, then Werth’s is as of now.

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