Phantastic Phour

Here is a very cool shot from The New York Times Magazine piece that ran today.


The Phillies released right-hander Matt Anderson from Minor League camp today.


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Does the New York times know that we actually have 5 men in our rotation??

joe isnt good enough for there squad….but i bet he is really pissed about this. lol

how pissed is joe that he has to hold the camera?

I dont know when this shot was taken, but i seriously don’t like the fact that the four of them would leave Joe out of this…..I know the phillies were shopping him for quite some time, but still…

It drives me crazy that Blanton was left out of this … the New York times will look back and wish they had done it right when Joe has the best record out of the 5 of them!!!! GO JOE!!

To the people complaining, I’m sure they had nothing to do with this. This isn’t a posed picture; it is pretty obviously edited/photoshopped.

youre wrong….look on todd zolecki’s facebook page, he made some pics of this shoot, and you can see the four of them posing without Joe….

wow, thanks, I stand corrected. Looking at this pic, I’d positively thought it was edited.

Weird pose to actually have them in.

There is a perfect place for Joe between Halladay and Hamels!

There is, but also in the actual shoot, he wasnt there….

Seriously, Joe is a Bonified great pitcher himself, he may not get as many K’s, but he gets the outs, just like the rest of them. In my eyes it’s the phantastic phive.

“Blanton throws with an extreme, short-arm motion, a short stride, a stand-up follow through, like a Little League pitcher who has never been coached.”

“Then I saw Lee throwing off a bullpen mound with Dubee and abandoned Blanton.”

Jeez, I know NY writers are known for being aggresive, but this is a little harsh

So essentially the article was about one failed minor league pitcher’s belief that the Phillies’ pitching staff isn’t so great, which is indicative of all modern major league pitchers being mediocre compared to the pitchers of old.

Just because the Mets are perennial losers, and the Yankees are severely butthurt about losing Lee and having a questionable starting rotation doesn’t mean the Times (whose sports section is notoriously awful anyway) can’t give credit where it’s due.

I agree, and I HATED this article — it was written by a curmudgeon who likes to complain that they don’t play the game the way they used to. Of course they don’t — it’s a different gamenow, run by a different breed of manager with a whole lot more money on the line. The whole article is about how the four aces (I am really beginning to hate that term!) don’t have “the stuff” Seaver and Ryan and the rest had. It’s apples and oranges. Had the writer bothered to interview any present-day players about how intimidating these guys are, he would have gotten a different story.

Big Joe should be in the back.

I don’t know who the clown is who wrote the story, but he makes them out to be nothing more than ordinary. And he completely discounts Blanton and doesn’t bother to interview him.
Must be a Mets fan.

Big Joe is the Phils’ secret weapon, hiding behind the other starters in the picture.

TODD, why did make it so hard to sign in and post comments and access your blog? I understand the need for improving things, but worsening them?!

Because I’m not a regular poster, let me know what’s more difficult about the process. I’ll definitely pass it along.

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I think Joe said it doesn’t bother him at all that the other 4 are getting all the press…it leaves the media and attention off of him. I, too, think Joe has been passed up and forgotten about with almost all media. Nice to see the pic I saw last week of SI, with “Fat Joe and the Terror Squad”.

THe first time you sign in with teh new system is a pain in the a$$ but it remembers your name etc so in future it should be easier.
SO this is the first time since ’80 that we started 2-0 at home. We all know how ’80 ended up, right? Let’s hope ’11 ends the same way

that photo makes me think of Sheva. I magine walking out to take your at bat and seeing this beast. All kinds of arms and legs coming at you.

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