A Good Way to Start

What Was The Most Encouraging Thing This Weekend?



Snap judgments on small sample sizes!

I generally withhold judgment until Mother’s Day. But I’m glad I’m not a Red Sox fan after this weekend.

All of the above

Dear Mr. Vacarro,
I am really stupid. My stupidity hasn’t stopped me though. Thank you for showing everyone that stupid people can still make a living and have some worth in this world. You are an inspiration to me and other stupid people. But even stupid people don’t believe that the Mets will finish ahead of the Phillies this year. I know a retarded kid in my homeroom who agrees with you about the Mets. You might be retarded too, not stupid like everyone thinks. No offense, you just can’t sit with the stupid kids at lunch if you are retarded, but you do get an extra chocolate milk. Why didn’t the Mets dig up those Phillies Jerseys buried under Citi Field? I guess they’re retarded too cause it’s bringing them bad luck. Extra chocolate milk for the Mets! My favorite show makes fun of the Mets. Stewie is soooooo funny! Here, watch this.

p.s. – Too much chocolate milk makes you fart. One time I drank too much of it and I sharted. That’s when you think it’s a fart, but it’s really shit. Kinda like the Mets.

I was most impressed by being able to hit in the clutch on Friday, especially with having somewhat of an inexperienced lineup.

Jimmy’s still a little trigger happy on the first pitch, but from the looks of it, he’s been stepping it up (…after only three games…).
Methinks this should be a fun season for all.

The Phillies go how JRoll goes. It’s always been that way.

The videos are funny jb. Your commentary isn’t.

Great start to the season. Glad to see contributions from all the starting 8 (and you just knew starting pitchers would be as advertised)

I for one was happy to see Rauuuuul doing so well.

isn’t there a minimum age requirement of 2 in order to post here? I don’t think JB makes it.

In my mind, it isn’t baseball season until Ryan Howard kills a baseball.

i was happy to see that the win’s were a whole team effort.

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