’s Top 10 Phillies Prospects

I wanted to post this last weekend, but things are crazy the final few days of Spring Training.’s Jonathan Mayo recently wrote about his top 10 Phillies prospects.

Here they are:

  1. Domonic Brown, OF
  2. Jonathan Singleton, 1B/OF
  3. Jarred Cosart, RHP
  4. Brody Colvin, RHP
  5. Sebastian Valle, C
  6. Jesse Biddle, LHP
  7. Trevor May, RHP
  8. Aaron Altherr, OF
  9. Cesar Hernandez, 2B
  10. Justin De Fratus, RHP

Click here for the full report.

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So what happens at third base next year? Not a top prospect on the list at the position, and we need to get younger. Not a good situation with Polanco’s contract coming up.

Polanco’s contract isn’t up until the following year. Seeing as the Phils haven’t produced a 3B prospect since Scott Rolen, I think they’ll manage on the free agent market.

Probably wishful thinking on my part. I worry about Polanco’s elbow getting through this year, not to mention next.

The last time I checked, I read they’re trying Aaron Altherr out at 3B. He did well fielding the position and he hits well. Sorry I djin’t know more details, but it would be worth watching his progress.

Youth helps. No doubt Ruben sees it coming. Aramis Ramirez is a free agent next year too, but it wouldn’t hurt to try and dig into the international market (i.e. Japan) a bit more.

I think the uncertainty regarding Utley’s health (how long can he play, or should he focus on going out with a functioning knee) beyond this season poses a more serious concern. If he wants to prolong his career, he may have to go the route of Mickey Tettleton. (Worked for Paul Molitor.)

I wonder what is the history of “top prospects” coming up and actually helping the big club?
It’s nice to see some pitchers on that list. Are any of them closers? That would come in handy.

I always thought Utley would make a good choice/move to 3B. It would save the strain on his knees that 2B does. I’ve heard rumors about putting him in the outfield but we already have good prospects there. Hopefully we see Utley even return to the lineup this year.

Herb: Why would you think Chase could transform himself into a 3B? Seriously. It’s not even close. The popularity of this team has led to a spate of opinions from people who, 3 years ago were gardening, watching NASCAR or otherwise occupying their time.

While that’s a bit mean, Muleman… I’m forced to agree, somewhat. Third base requires faster reflexes and movement on defense than 2nd base, not slower.

That’s why they call it “The Hot Corner.”

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