Meet and Greet with Ibanez, Howard, Lee and Lidge

Here is a pretty fun video from the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s “2011 On Deck with the Phillies Reception.”

Spoiler alert: The best question comes at the 1:36 mark.


Cole Hamels makes his 2011 debut tomorrow night. He talks about how much he has changed over the years. Hard to believe, but a little more than six years ago he broke his pitching hand in a brawl outside a bar in Clearwater. Now the guy is married with a son and organizing The Hamels Foundation.


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The only thing that makes living in Florida bearable is being able to watch the Phillies GO PHILS

Strange. I say the same thing about living in New Jersey.

Then move and stop your incessant belly-aching.

If I moved, I wouldn’t be able to go to the games. And I’m so glad you haven’t lost your sense of humor.
And … Bellyaching is not hyphenated.

Glad to see you guys are in mid-season form.

Here’s an interesting article weeding out the 10 best four-somes in MLB history to be compared to the Phils group as the season goes on.

Some of the results might surprise you.

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Muleman: It is nice to see that you are just as challenged in geography as your many other post here have shown that you are challenged in other areas not the least of which is baseball. Here is a hint: move to Delaware or Pennsylvania.

I must have watched that question almost 10 times, haha.

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