What Song Is That?

I’ve gotten a few requests from Phillies fans asking about the players’ walkup and warmup music.

Here’s the list, courtesy of Mark Wyatt.

These songs are through Sunday’s game.



Some players haven’t made requests yet like John Mayberry Jr. and Jose Contreras. Contreras entered the ninth inning Friday to KC & The Sunshine Band, so that has to change. Because Charlie Manuel calls Contreras “Big Truck,” the beat writers think a simple horn blast from an 18-wheeler would be a nice way for him to leave the bullpen. The music (TBD) would follow. (Yes, this is what we talk about while killing time before a game.)


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I think Chooch needs a new song. Black and Yellow is all Pittsburgh.

My wife has been pushing for Panama by Van Halen.

Agreed. I sing Panama whenever he comes to bat.

i agree 100%. i wish i could contact him and tell him that song is totally not okay

Kyle Kendrick – Enter Sandman?


Jose could use the song “Big Truck” by Machel Montano.

I love that RoyO has an at-bat walk-up song.

Todd, please please please tell this guy not to play that “Friday” song again. It’s not funny or ironic.

Big Truck Driver by Mystikal. I’ve been wondering for the last couple years why he doesn’t use that. Heavy beat, good for getting pumped up.

Journey? Really, Mad Dog?
I know he’s the funny one, but, really?

Does anybody know the song or beat that the phillies were introduced to last year or this year? It’s played before the game when the phillies run on the field individually. It’s mostly a beat…

Justin, are you talking about the video that went through the lineup and showed a few clips of each player? If so, the song is Kanye West – Power.

It is just a song that is a rap beat with no words to it. They play it when the players run out from the dugout to their positions before the national anthem.

There is a really bad nu-Metal song by Coal Chamber called Big Truck…. listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SaQU09UCAM

contreras should use grateful dead, truckin

“Kashmir” is the best walkup song. “Moby Dick” as well. Zeppelin in general would be great.

“In the Air Tonight”, though? No, Schneider. No. “Use Somebody” is a wonderful song, though!

Love that Chase and Vic never change. I seem to recall Victorino switched off Marley briefly once, but went back to it.

I’d like to see some relief pitcher use the Escape from New York theme. Would work for Contreras, especially since he used to be a Yankee!

These songs are awful sans Zeppelin and of course, The Nuge.

ROTFL @ Joe Blanton walking on to ‘Hillbilly Deluxe.’ How fitting!

Contreras should come out to the song Big Truck by Coal Chamber

Big Truck by Coal Chamber would be perfect for Contreras- its a kickass song, too…

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When Werth comes to town, how ’bout playing Pink Floyd’s Money or Cindi Lauper’s Money Changes Everything, or Springsteen’s Pay Me. Or maybe Tom Petty’s Even the Losers (Get Lucky Sometime). I’m sure there are more people can think of.

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Diesel aka Big Daddy Cool’s entrance music for contreras.

I like Jimmy Rollins songs the most. Oh and Chooch doesn’t need to change the song, he just needs to play Meek Millz version Black and Yellow. It’s all about Philly!

Contreras could use ‘Truckin” by the Dead

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Contreras could also use something like Convoy by CW McCall or the ever popular Highway to Hell

Is that like a TV show?

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Is it me or do the pitchers have better taste in music? hehehe😉
Thank you Todd and thank you Mark Wyatt!!

hey Tod i was actually curious about Ibanez and his entrance music. do you happen to know what he just recently switched to? i was at the game tuesday night, and it sounded like he switched his music again (possibly to start fresh due to the slump he was in) .. any idea what artist or group it is this time around? I could definitely tell it wasn’t Warren or Van Halen… thanks!

Hello. And big p

What song is played when the visiting team changes pitchers at Phillies games? The primary lyric sounds something like “stand tall”.

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