The Top of the Fifth Inning Tonight

Yes, the top of the fifth inning tonight got out of hand very quickly.

  • Jose Reyes: second-pitch single.
  • Willie Harris: fifth-pitch walk.
  • David Wright: second-pitch single.
  • Carlos Beltran: first-pitch single.
  • Angel Pagan: second-pitch single.
  • Ike Davis: first-pitch double.
  • Brad Emaus: four-pitch walk.


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Top of the fifth was ugly, but I think it did well to give the bats some confidence. joe looked good in general for his first outting. It’s not really his fault the bullpen can’t quite be trusted yet. Anyway, there’s an entire team vehind the pitcher to field those hits. So far, I’m elated at how the season is shaping up!!

Whew! ‘Nuff said.

Brick killed a guy…stabbed him in the heart…with a Trident!

To Shanna…how can the bullpen not be trusted yet? Blanton was charged with all 7 runs, if i’m not mistaken. After Bastardo gave up that inherited runner, they shut them down for the remainder of the game. I’ve actually been surprised at how good the bullpen has done! So to say that they can’t quite be trusted yet…frankly has me scratching my head.

1. Typical Blanton, not that he is generally that bad, but simply that you have no idea which Blanton you are going to get from night to night.

2. Great to see Ryan Howard on fire. Can’t remember when he’s ever started the season in the zone, but he is definitely dialed in.

3. Ibanez is the slowest thing I’ve ever seen on the basepads.

4. Ben Francisco is a very pleasant surprise this year. He’s packed on muscle and I hope he can keep it up despite the rigors of a full season.

5. I don’t worry a bit about this bullpen. I actually think the Phils bullpen is better without Lidge as an option then they would be if Lidge was trying to pitch every night. Don’t like Kendrick or Baez in meaningful situations, but the rest of that pen is dominant.

That is all.

Be glad it wasnt the top of the 1st…..I liked Joe’s performance tonight (apart from the 5th obviously…) …But let’s see what we’ve got so far…..3 aces doing well….offense doing well……defense doing well……i think we got off to a good start…Underperformers will improve, overachievers will settle down a bit….It’s baseball…..

“…apart from the fifth?” That’s like saying, “I enjoyed my vacation at Mt. St. Helens, until the volcano erupted.”
Joe’s career ERA in the fifth is 5.50, and 5.57 in the sixth. It’s vintage Blanton.

I’ll take these 5 Guys going 4-1 anyday!! You kinda have to figure there not gonna all go 8 or 9 innings everytime. And none of them did the first week. They all had 100 pitches or got shelled earlier! In the end,,, the first time through the rotation, and we are 4-1! Its only gonna get better, and I cant wait!!!

I know he has trouble at times after the 5th inning, but giving up a 7-0 lead was a bit beyond “vintage Blanton”. Nice to see the offense rebound. That could have been a bit deflating.

Over his career, he gives up 35% more runs in the 5th inning than the average of the three previous innings. So, in a sense, it was a vintage performance. He historically has trouble in the fifth inning.
If by the definition of vintage, one means “a group or collection of things sharing certain characteristics…”
Then, yeah.

Charlie was trying to get Blanton through the 5th to get him the wim, but he pitched to two batters too many. Thank goodness the hitters kept piling on and the Mets bulpen sucks.

Joe takes at least a month to get a feel for his body throwing pitches in MLB. The dude is built like a linebacker… and pitches like one in April too.

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