Alec Baldwin Takes Shot at Philly

Tina Fey has to have  a rebuttal, right?

(via The 700 Level)

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Alec, Alec, Alec… Loved you and your Mom in the Wegmans commercials, can’t say the same for your baseball affiliation.

Wonderful….thank God for Cliff Lee!

Not tonight, I am sorry to say…

I always knew I hated Alec Baldwin for a reason!

you are werthless alec baldwin, you are werthless alec baldwin…….

I didn’t realize there WERE any funny fascists! Good commercial…still hate the Yanks.

Alec Baldwin has always been a total Ass and always will be !!

He didn’t take a shot at Philly!! Who gives a flying frog about how Yankees fans consider Philadelphia??!! I’d expect true Philly sports fans to show the same type of contempt for New York!! Screw ‘Em!!

Wonder if he knows his parent company is from Philadelphia?

“Kabletown” owns your network, your television show…and The Phillies. I’d be very careful with that, Alec. But I guess you have a right. You were the bomb in “The Shadow”.

Come to Philly and say that. There’s a corner on Broad Street where all the Philly fans would love to discuss with you the issue of Philadelphia as a sporting town…don’t show up without announcing yourself please.

….why r u morons taking this seriously / personally? It’s a cap commercial about sports fans talking trash, like we all do!

Go Phillies! 2011 champs!

“You will be DEAD in October!!” haha lmao sounds like the conversations I have with my Yankees fan friends. Gotta love passionate fans. I would expect every legitimate fan from any team to be just as hopeful and defensive every April. Thank God it’s baseball season finally!🙂

baldwin you suck go yell at your daughter some more freak!!

It looks like Alec Baldwin won’t be making any more appearances in Philadelphia. If he does, he needs to bring massive protection…..saying Philly is not a real sports town are words to start wars!

See your damn Yankees in the series!!!!!!!

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Baldwin New york is only good for hmmmm, come to think about it their is nothing New York is good. I guess now that we took Cliff Lee from you and the rest of the american league You feel a little more confindence for your team, but it dosen’t matter. New York still has play us at the end hope yall make it in october.

Smart-Alec Baldwin is really dumb. I hope his stupid show gets canceled in the Philadelphia area. I have hated this guy since I heard that phone conversation he had with his daughter that someone up-loaded onto the Internet 5 years ago or so.

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