Cliff Diving

Here’s a crazy stat: Phillies starters have a 6.19 ERA through seven games.

I’d bet on that number improving.

Cliff Lee allowed 10 hits and six runs in just 3 1/3 innings in last night’s 6-3 loss to the Braves. It was his worst start since Sept. 4, 2009, when he allowed nine hits and six runs in three innings at Houston.

“I thought he was good,” Chipper Jones said. “He might have gotten a little too much plate on some pitches. But he’s a strike thrower. He relies on getting ahead and guys getting themselves out and being able to move the ball in and out, cut it, sink it, change it up and curve it. All those things have won the guy a Cy Young in the past. I think we did a good job of not striking out. We did a good job of putting balls in play and balls find holes when you put enough of them in play.”


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