Nasty Bastardo K’s 6

Charlie Manuel said a few times this spring that Antonio Bastardo needs to step up and prove himself (and stay healthy).

Rich Dubee echoed that sentiment earlier this week.

Bastardo has looked very good so far. He tied a franchise record tonight against the Braves at Turner Field, where he struck out six consecutive batters in relief.

Bastardo, who struck out three each in the sixth and seventh innings, matched Jack Meyer and Willie Hernandez. Meyer struck out six consecutive batters in the 12th and 13th innings Sept. 22, 1958, against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first game of a doubleheader at Connie Mack Stadium. Hernandez struck out six consecutive batters in the eighth and ninth innings July 3, 1983, against the New York Mets at Veterans Stadium.

In three appearances this season, Bastardo has allowed two hits and has struck out nine in 3 2/3 innings.


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I’d love to see the Phillies give him a chance to start again one day once he has enough variety in his arsenal.


Let’s see…3 2/3 innings is 11 outs Bastardo’s gotten, and nine of them have been Ks. I agree, that’s nasty. That’s the way to answer the bell, kid. Keep up the good work.

This guy is so underrated in my opinion, he needs to be used more often for relief, forget Romero…

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I’m not a native Philadelphian, but I adopted the Phillies as my favorite major league team after I moved here. I don’t go to all that many games. My first Phillies game – I didn’t live here yet, but I knew I would be moving here eventually – was against the Cubs at the Vet. Kevin Gross was the starting pitcher. Dave Stewart, who was with the team for a very short time, pitched in relief. If I recall correctly, Mike Schmidt was injured and didn’t play! Or maybe he was playing 1st base instead of 3rd. Why am I mentioning this in a comment about this article? Because that game, which the Phillies lost, 9-4, took place on the day that Bastardo was born, Sept. 21, 1985!

With stuff that nasty, you’d have to think that he would be given a chance to close some time in the future.

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