Welcome to Atlanta

Welcome to Turner Field …

Here is tonight’s lineup vs. Atlanta:

  1. Shane Victorino, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 3B
  3. Jimmy Rollins, SS
  4. Ryan Howard, 1B
  5. Ben Francisco, RF
  6. Raul Ibanez, LF
  7. Carlos Ruiz, C
  8. Wilson Valdez, 2B
  9. Cliff Lee, P


Valdez went 4 for 4 with three runs scored in yesterday’s 11-0 victory over the Mets. He is the first No. 8 hitter to have four or more hits and score three or more runs for the Phillies since Steve Lake on June 30, 1991, against the Mets. Valdez also had three RBIs yesterday. He is the first No. 8 hitter to have four or more hits, score three or more runs nad have three or more RBIs since Larry Bowa on June 22, 1977 vs. Cincinnati. … The Phillies caught a break when Dennys Reyes failed his physical over the winter. The Phillies pulled back on a contract agreement, and he later signed for $900,000 with the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox just designated him for assignment.


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Hard to believe Dennys Reyes failed a physical:-/

re: Valdez. Mutts both times. Couldn’t happen to a nicer club.

re: Reyes. I was in Dallas (Arlington) last week and caught all the Red Sox games. Looks like Reyes ate himself out of the league re Al Holland (Boy Gorge).

Chase who?…….Kidding!

Here is a bonus trivia question for all of you. During that June 22, 1977 game vs Cincinnati referenced in Todd’s post, Larry Bowa hit a grand slam home run (yes it cleared the left center field fence)! Off of which former Phillie did Bowa hit his slam? Bet even Todd might have to research this one🙂

Joe Hoerner, I was at that game!

So was I – the place went bonkers! What great memories – and yes – Jor Hoerner was at the very end of his career and had just been called up by the Reds from their AAA team.

Joe Hoerner.

Let’s hope Hudson doesn’t go elbow hunting again tonight. Hudson also says if the Braves pitch, they beat us for the division. I guess he forgot about the hitting part of the game. Let’s hope the offense shows them they should not be taken lightly this year.

So far it does not appear that Las Bravas pitching is very hot. It seems to me that considering all three facets of the game, offense, defense and pitching, both the Phillies and Las Bravas have picked up where there they left off last year. Did someone say “Groundhog Season”?

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