Better than Live Aid?

Phillies beat writers had the pleasure of writing game stories last season to the live music of REO Speedwagon and The Beach Boys following Sunday afternoon games at Turner Field.

We’ll get to hear the Avett Brothers tomorrow.

(Not sure who they are.)

We’ll get to hear Ludacris on May 14.

But, sadly, we’re missing the Yacht Rock concert May 30. If you know me, you know the soft rock from the ’70s holds a place near and dear to my heart. (I recall this music being played in my mom’s car while growing up.) I just hope Corey Brock, my Padres counterpart at, appreciates his good fortune.


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Saw the Avett Brothers on the Grammys award show. Lot’s of energy. Enjoy, Todd.

The Avett brothers are awesome……. Not so sure about yacht rock….

80’s soft rock holds a place in my heart for the same reason. This spurred nostalgia itunes purches of ‘I made it thru the rain’, ‘September Morn’, and the sublime ‘You’ll never find another love like mine’.

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