Kimbrel’s Heat Helps Chooch Lock In

Carlos Ruiz flied out to center field following a six-pitch at-bat with Braves closer Craig Kimbrel in the ninth inning last night.

Ruiz saw five fastballs: four at 96 mph, and one at 98 mph.

Kimbrel’s heat might have helped Ruiz hit his pinch-hit grand slam this afternoon in a 10-2 victory over the Braves. Ruiz was hitting .238 (5 for 21) before today.

“Kimbrel got Chooch swinging good,” Charlie Manuel said. “He was busting him some fastballs, and finally Chooch got his timing down pretty good. Today when (Scott) Linebrink came out he threw one by him. He tried to throw another one by him and he was ready. You’d be surprised sometimes. When you have an at-bat of six, seven, eight, nine pitches and somebody’s throwing hard, that can definitely help you get your timing down.”

Ruiz, who crushed a 0-2 fastball, agreed.

“Charlie told me after the game (last night), ‘You had really good swings against Kimbrel,’” Ruiz said. “I said, ‘Yes, I would like to face him again.’ Right then I started to feel better. That was good. That was good for me.”


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Chooch can hit anybody’s fastball. Plus, Linebrink made a horrendously bad pitch. Anyway, go Phils!

Yea he can..wasn’t it Chooch a few years ago that hit the fastest ball ever?

5 RBI for Chooch and he didn’t even start the game. 7 RBI out of the catcher position when you count Schneider’s 2 run shot.
Oswalt for Cy Young award. Oh wait, I forgot about Halladay. Never mind.

The last time the Phillies had 7 RBI out of the catcher’s position was in 1966 with Uecker and Dalrymple … but that was the whole season!

Forget the 1964 collapse. It is a wonder how the Phillies did what they did considering the last three in the batting order were Dalrymple at catcher and Bobby Wine at shortstop with the pitcher bringing up the rear.

This is a bit random, but has Raul Ibanez ever had hair? I can’t find any pictures online with him having hair! You should ask him….🙂

One of the guys on ESPN boldly said that he thought that Chooch was the best fastball hitter on the Phils. The other guys whinced at the idea. He might be right. Chooch can hit any fastball. Bring on Aroldis Chapman, Baby!

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