Hamels Is Good

Cole Hamels threw seven scoreless innings this afternoon in a 3-0 victory in Atlanta. He allowed just four hits and one walk and struck out eight.

Feel free to cheer him again.

I give Hamels credit. He said the boos didn’t bother him last week. He said it’s just a sign people expect great things from him. Maybe so, but I still think it was poor form following his first start of the season. But let’s move on from that, shall we? The Phillies are 7-2. This weekend’s series against the Braves was billed as a good test against a good Braves lineup and pitching staff. Yes, Cliff Lee got beat up Friday, but the Phillies responded with two good pitching performances from Roy Oswalt and Hamels, and plenty of timely hitting.

The Phillies are spending Monday in DC before opening a three-game series against Jayson Werth and the Nationals on Tuesday.

More on that tomorrow …


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I am so happy he came out today and showed his stuff. Yes , we as fans boo but that was uncalled for and premature. It;s 162 games folks, please relax.

There were far more cheers than boos upon his exit.

Agreed, Todd. The booing was premature, but Hamels shows just how much he has matured over the last two years by how he responded, both in the post-game interview and on the field in his next start. In past years, it probably would have affected him much more. That’s a great sign of what’s potentially to come from this still developing pitcher (and should be of some concern to other teams).

Saw it coming. not that this makes me Nostradamus reincarnate. Hamels has had his ups and down. The ceiling of ups with the World Series MVP and then a pretty bad down the following year. Then people misinterpreted something he said and though him soft. Maybe he was once upon a time. not anymore. Our starting rotation is freaking awesome. Don’t forget he’ll be the one anchoring it several years from now. Big year for Cole going against usually far inferior pitching opponents. He’s not gonna see Derrick Lowe caliber pitchers matched up against him often at all. We have 4 great pitchers and a good 5th and he might end up having the best season out of all of them, even with the greatness that is Doc.

Let me clarify. I saw a dominant bounce-back performance coming. I think many of us did though.

Hamels’ first start came in that cold, blustery weather. Have to allow him some slack for that and maybe he was a bit “rusty” since it had been almost a week since he last pitched. This guy has the potential to be as good as Halladay and Lee; to be one of the supreme pitchers in all of baseball.

From where I was sitting (down the left-field line) on Tuesday I didn’t hear that many boos but some cheers

I think part of the boos were sarcastic. I mean, you have this amazing rotation and Hamels came out and pitched a stinker in his first attempt. I don’t think anyone really meant anything malicious by it (at least, I hope they weren’t stupid enough to be malicious about it). I don’t understand why Cole gets such a bad wrap in this town. He’s done everything we could have asked of him in 2008 and was even better last year!

I was there Tuesday. It was cold! Most of us were not sitting in a warm press box. Hamels started the 3rd by giving up a hit to the pitcher. He then gave up 6 runs and ended giving the pitcher another hit. It was cold! That pitching performance was poor. 6 runs and 2 hits to the pitcher in one inning was poor. That deserved a boo no matter who was pitcher. I was so happy to see Hamels rebound yesterday and pitch great. I’ll be there next Saturday when he pitches again and I will cheer him on. He’s a great pitcher who just had a bad outing.

Are you kidding me with this boo’ing crap? Shut up already. 6 runs in one inning, including 7 straight hits and 2 by the PITCHER? I don’t care WHO is pitching, I’m boo’ing them. That is unnacceptable for any major league pitcher. These are professionals, not children. Grow a set!

“boo’ing?” Where did you learn that? It’s “booing.” No apostrophe. I boo your punctuation.

Correcting grammar on an internet comments thread=tool satchel.

“By the face”… You gonna boo Cliff Lee too when he has a lousy performance like he did on Friday against the Braves?

What YOU are forgetting is that these guys are humans. Yes they are professionals but they aren’t robots for crying out loud.

Why don’t you stick to rooting for the Eagles, the Phillies are deserving of much better fans than you.

Cliff gets a pass for at least this year because he took much less guaranteed money and a shorter contract to sign with the Phils. We know he can get into a funk. We saw that 2 years ago, when he had 3-4 bad games in a row.

I don’t know why anybody is surprised by the boos for a poor performance. Hamels is a big boy, so get over it. I’m sure he has.
Where are our friends from the Braves board who were celebrating prematurely last season? All quiet from that front, I see.

Heard on WIP this morning, that Hamels himself is a “booer”. He’s a sportsfan and when he doesn’t like something during a game, he’ll boo. Thought that was pretty funny/ironic.

Nice to see the Phils take the series against a “real” team.

Hey Todd, when is the last time you spent money to attend a baseball game?
Don’t preach to fans on how they should act. They will boo or cheer at will, regardless of the date of the game. They’re entitled to express themselves in exchange for the price of the ticket. That’s how it works. You’re the one who needs to “move on from that.”

The next time you go to a restaurant and complain about the service, the manager should tell you, “Well, it’s only 6:30 and the guy just started his shift, so give him a break.”
That doesn’t fly either.

Mulman, Todd’s from the mid-west. People communicate more civilly than they do in the coastal big cities and metropolitan areas, although that has changed.

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1) I was at the game yesterday (and the one on Friday), and Hamels looked great. Never lost his cool. Great to see him bounce back. I have to admit, I was worried he might not.
2) Tons of Philly fans at yesterday’s games. A good amount Friday too, but nearly as many as yesterday. We were well represented. But the Braves fans around us were nice as usual. Props to them (even if I hate that damn chop).
3) Muleman, how dare you preach to Todd about what he can and can’t say on his blog. It is HIS blog. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read it. The man has a right to his opinions and this is his forum for them. Don’t like them, then go away. I like that fact that Todd isn’t a homer and just tells the fans what they want to hear. That is why I read this blog, for a good honest opinion. So bugger off.

The people who booed Hamels are hypocrites. I didn’t hear boos for Blanton after that nasty 5th when he couldn’t buy a strike; or for Saint Clifton after that rotten egg of a game he pitched. Looks like Cole’s the whipping boy this year. Idiots.

We expect Blanton to fall apart and give up a ton of runs. Like many have posted earlier, booing is because we expect the player to do better and for some reason they don’t. I’ll boo Blanton in August/September/October because I expect him to be the innings-eating, quality starter the Phils pay him to be. No one expects a whole year out of Big Joe, but we certainly expect it from Cole.

Phan52, muleman… same question to you that I posed to “By the face”.

You gonna boo Cliff Lee too the next time he has a crappy outing at home like he did against the Braves last Friday?

Sure, you have the right to boo whenever you want. You also have the right to act like an idiot.

Stick to rooting for the Eagles, it suits idiots like you much better.

WIP “Idiots” is a proper handle for you. Anybody who listens to WIP has to be an idiot. If Cliff Lee has a stinker at home, I would certainly expect there to be be boos at CBP, and I don’t think he would be offended. I’m sure he’s much tougher on himself than any phan can be. And for your information, I personally don’t boo my home team players as a rule, but I certainly understand when some do. It’s their prorogative to do so at a professional sporting event where the home team has elevated expectations, and considering the amount of money they are shelling out.
…idiot, indeed…

Phan, Cliff Lee took LESS guaranteed money to sign with the Phils so I would give the guy a break, especially in April. Boo him in postseason if he stinks. Heck, he’d probably boo himself in that situation.

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