The Bearded One

Charlie Manuel lit up yesterday morning at Turner Field when Jayson Werth‘s name came up.

He chuckled.

“I’ll be on him,” he said. “I’ll be getting on him. I’ll be getting on J-Dub. I’ll be hollering at him.”

Here’s today’s story about Werth facing his former team.


Minor League left-hander Ryan Sasaki has received a 50-game suspension for an elevated Testosterone/Epitestosterone ratio.  The suspension of Sasaki, who is currently on the roster of the Gulf Coast League Phillies, will be effective at the start of the Gulf Coast League season.


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God i hope he’s kidding. People are making it very hard for me to still follow Jayson as a player. And people are so mean making me feel like i’m betraying my home town team which i didn’t i’m not following the nats i’m only supporting jayson. Why do people in this city have to be so dam cruel.

follow the team, not the player. give him a nice round of applause his first at bat back in philly, but after that, you’re dead to me.

Joann, people are cruel for a reason. You don’t ditch a team that did so much for you, and a city of fans that turned you into an icon, and then talk trash on them. If he didn’t say nasty things about the Phillies when he went to the Nationals, then a lot of people wouldn’t be as spiteful as they are.

I hope Charlie rattles Werth.

He’s married. Give it up!

It’s simple he screwed the Phillies over. He took money over wins.

People are allowed to boo s they want, but people who choose to be a fan of a player everyone else despises have every right to be their fan. No one hsould be treated cruely simply for liking a team or player we don’t. It’s a GAME…not life and death.

People are allowed and have everyu right to boo all they want, but people who choose to be a fan of a player everyone else despises also have every right to be their fan. No one hsould be treated cruely simply for liking a team or player we don’t. It’s a GAME…not life and death.

Todd, was Charlie joking or does he have a grudge against him? Too much bad blood going on here between Werth and general management. You didn’t say what tone Charlie was using. I am wondering how receptive the players will be with Werth.

He didn’t screw anyone over. He Got his rings and now he got his money. It’s easy to say “I wouldn’t do that” when you are not in the situation. Most of us will never see $120 mil in our life. How can we judge someone for taking that much money. Not everyone can be Schmidty and retire a Philly.

Manuel said it kiddingly.

Let’s see if all that Nats money will fit in his pocket. That’s the way it is with ballplayers today: There is never enough money (like good left handed pitching).

I’ve always thought Werth was an a-hole. Nothing he’s done has made me change my mind on that.

Oh, come on people. It’s a job. If you left one company for another because they offered more money would we have reason to be upset? No. When Lee was traded to Seattle and ended up with Texas, and stated he was happy to see the Phillies lose – why should that hurt? It’s all about competition. He’s now the face of a franchise with the Nats (not a great team, but they’re better than they were). As the face of the Nats, he has to make like they’re the enemy – that’s how you get up for games. J-Dub didn’t screw the Phillies – he got WAY overpaid for his worth, but the Phillies knew they had an abundance of talent to take over for him, so they parted ways amicably. We’re so quick to crucify former Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers…. it’s SO unnecessary. He’ll do well enough with his team, and we’re doing just fine without him. No need to cry, complain, whine or bitch about ballplayers going where the money is. Just let him play and watch the Phillies trounce the Nats all year long. It’s fun – let it be fun and save the venom for something more important.

Well said, Keith. But again…a big part of the game is booing who you want to. And people pay good money to be able to cheer or boo. Is it always justified? Not even close…but it’s their right to. Believe me…I’m way more inclined to agree with you. Cole almost had his head handed to him after one bad start. Yup…

Gotta love the true blue Phillies phan!!! BOO J-Dub!!!!!!!!

Jayson who?

I can’t root for someone that forsakes winning for money. If he had gone to the Yankees or the Red Sox, I’d be okay. Know why? They have a legit shot at a ring every year. The Nats? C’mon, J-Dub.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. Werth made Phillies fans feel like they were something useless he just stepped in. He made his choice based on money instead of winning.

I just read an article about Ruben Amaro,Jr. in Philadelphia Magazine where he says that Werth sent him a text message after Cliff Lee was signed that read “Boooooo. You idiot. You could have had both of us.” Amaro’s response? “YOU idiot. You should have accepted our arbitration offer.” Werth didn’t even consider staying in Philly. He knew he was out as soon as the right price came along. That’s why people dislike him so much. Charlie may have been joking, but I don’t know that many Phillies fans will be happy to see him.

I’ll be at Werth’s first game back in Philly. Can’t wait to boo him! Hate all the greed in pro sports. Who the heck needs 120 mil.? Should have followed Lee’s example.

I was very disappointed when Jayson left Philly but I understand it’s a business for the players. I want the Phillies beat the Nationals but I will be cheering for Jayson and wearing my Werth/Phillies shirt to the ballpark when he comes to town on May 3rd. Hey for us fans-it’s a game only so enjoy it! Life is too short to be miserable. Go Phillies!!!

I politely clap during the lineup call for any ex-Phillie who left on good standing for whatever reason. After first pitch they are the enemy!

Werth has a attitude problem. He always has and was never one of my beloved players. I don’t mind that he left us for more money, that’s OK. I do mind that he didn’t leave with a quiet thanks and a tip of the hat. He left literally with a ‘booo, why didn’t you guys overpay me?!?’ like we somehow cheated him out because we didn’t want to give a ridiculous contract offer. Arrogant a-hole should of kept his trap shut. He won’t get cheers from me.

Jayson Werth was a first round draft pick who fought through adversity to finally establish himself and earn a big payday. The more power to him. Nevertheless, I am so glad it is not the Phillies signing his paycheck. Considering the upgrade in the Phillies pitching and the performance of Ben Fransisco thus far the Phillies have come out even if not ahead.

I was a fan of is when he was here, even amid douchey behavior towards fans, but I won’t say I won’t revel in satisfaction when Francisco comes up after Howard and smokes one over his head. It’s just a part of rooting for the team, while I won’t throw batteries at him, I’ll smile when Doc makes him look stupid when he strikes him out.

After my mens’ league (Atlanta MSBL) game yesterday, I had a convo with my wife about “post-baseball career life”. It’s certainly not as rough as football or boxing. It’s probably most comparable to basketball when you consider the backaches, arthritic knees (for us catchers), and the shredded rotator cuffs. The latter sent me out of the baseball career when I was only 25 years old. Most of you have NO IDEA how much it COSTS to be a part of a major OR minor league team. You don’t understand the value of the physical quality of life they’re trading for those contracts. 99% of players ARE NOT saying, “I’ll go play for the highest bidder”. Their AGENT negotiates a few deals, then presents the player with what he advises to be the best options, based on what they’ve previously discussed. Then, just as you would with your shitty $40K/year job, you decide what’s best for you and your family. What’s important to fans of a team is hardly a factor for employees of a franchise. Fans have the right to boo and hate whomever they want. Players and coaches will have their opinions regarding CURRENT and former players. At the end of the day, Werth probably thinks of the Phillies the same way an accountant would think of his job at H&R Block: if there’s a better opportunity that makes sense for his family, career, etc., what do you think will happen?

It’s a business. Phillies phans shouldn’t take it personally that he left for the huge payday; if everybody here was truthful they would have done the same thing. And Jayson won’t take it personally when Phillies phans boo him the first time they see him in a Nats uni. He’ll most probably have some fun with it.

Anyone who begrudges worth taking an extra $50M is a hypocrite and a fool.

@Keith, et al who don’t mind the money thing: The owners were mercenary and now its the ballplayers turn. Leaving aside the ironic or philosophical sides of it you’re the one paying for it with your seven dollar cup of beer and overpriced souvenirs. Oh, and the raggedy four and 5 dollar dogs.
Bon appetit.

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Quite Simple….He messed with Utley’s Wife. The team turned on him, and it was Jayson or Chase. No amount of money was going to keep Werth here, it is was decided that he was not going to be asked back. If he controlled his d*ck better than his beard growth, he’d still be here. We all fam-i-ly…and he aint part of the family no more….

….and that is why I no longer follow him.

@TheotherKeith …If you did some research (it takes all of a minute) you’ll find that your accusation of marital infidelity is erronious. So before slandering someone…get your facts straight. Add to that the fact the Phillies offered Werth a subtantial sum to stay…and your theory of the team deciding he wouldn’t be asked to return is also flawed.

I was sure hoping Jason could afford a haircut and shave now!

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