Does A 7-3 Start Guarantee Success?

The Phillies won 7 of their first 10 games this season.

Does their hot start mean anything about their future?

It doesn’t guarantee them anything, but it certainly doesn’t hurt, either. ACTA Sports’ Stat of the Week looked at the first 10 games of the season for every team since 2002.

Of the 41 teams that won 7 or more of their first 10 games, 19 (46 percent) won 90 or more games and 17 (41 percent) made the postseason.

Of the 39 teams that won 3 or fewer of their first 10 games, just 1 (3 percent) won 90 or more games and just 3 (8 percent) made the postseason. One of those three teams? The 2007 Phillies, who started the season 2-8. The 2002 Angels started the season 3-7, but won 99 games and the World Series. The 2006 Padres also accomplished the feat.

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Let’s not be raising expectations now. We still got to run Joe Blanton out there every five games, and I’m still waiting to see our bullpen protect a one-run lead. . . . . .

Joe’s had 2 bad starts, and our bullpen has a 2.20 ERA through over 30 IPs.

I’m not overly concerned about either.

OK, so we’re supposed to glean something from a 10-game sample from 9 years of data. Somewhere, a statistician is rolling over in his grave.
Once the “Jayson Werth Booing” topic was covered, I guess there just wasn’t anything else to write about.

I’m with ya. Nice start, but the season will be nicely underway when Chase is playing 2nd, Mayberry is platooning in left and Brown is given RF.
All should be done as soon as feasible.

Is 7-3 better than 3-7?


Yes. It’s also better than 6-4 but not as good as 8-2. Can we stop now? It’s not football. There are another 152 games, for Chrissakes.

yes, but what about a 7-2 start??

All throws by Ibanez should be cutoff because of his weak arm. If he doesn’t hit more, he is a liability and needs to be moved if possible.

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