Utley Takes Another Step: Running

Chase Utley took another step today in his hopeful return to the Phillies lineup.

He ran just outside the infield cutout from the right-field foul line to the left-field foul line, starting slowly and picking up speed as he rounded second base. He also participated in shuttle drills in left field and later fielded ground balls during batting practice.

Utley has been rehabbing from patellar tendinitis, chondromalacia and bone inflammation in his right knee for roughly two months.

“I did run,” Utley said. “It seemed to go well. But, again, I need to make sure it responds well.”

Asked if he felt any pain in the knee while he ran, he said, “Like I said, I felt pretty good.”

It remains unclear when Utley could return to action, although sometime before the All-Star break seems like a good bet.

“I really can’t say,” he said.


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Well that’s good news. They’ve been playing well without him. They could be even better with him.

Nice, take it slow though chase! We need you for the whole year.

Thank you for the update … I hate not knowing what’s going on with him!!

What Miley said!

No rush, dude. Just get better.

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