Tonight’s Game Postponed

Tonight’s game against the Marlins has been postponed because of rain. It has been rescheduled for Wednesday, June 15, at 1:05 p.m. as part of a day-night doubleheader.

Cole Hamels will pitch tomorrow.

I assume everybody will be pushed back one day.

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That’s great, I didn’t want to go to the game tomorrow and watch fat Blanton pitch

Nice! That mean’s I’ll get to see Cliff pitch on Wed.!

Todd is assuming that everybody will be pushed back. It’s not a certainty yet. Charlie should definitely skip Blanton.

phan: It’s too early in the season to start messing with the rotation. With Halladay and Lee pitching CGs and Oswalt’s back issues, it’s a perfect time to give everybody an extra day.
Skipping Blanton won’t solve any of his problems. Leave the rotation alone.

Or start Kendrick in Blanton’s place. Doc could use an extra day after throwing 123 pitches. Can Bastardo start? He’s been really good lately.

I had tix for Saturday and Monday. Supposed to see Hamels and Halladay. Now I get to see no one and Blanton. Yay. How come they did not do a split double header on Sunday? That’s what they’re doing in Washington tomorrow. Instead it’s rescheduled for a Wednesday afternoon in June.

Mike: It’s because Washington is playing Milwaukee, and it’s probably the only time they’re coming to Washington. They have to make up the game today or play on an off day at some point, which is inconvenient.
Florida comes here again, so it’s easier to just re-schedule the game rather than make people change their plans with 24 hours notice.
It’s simple, really.

I thought I remember reading somewhere that it’s up to the players to decide on when they want to make up a game, given choices by their respective team’s schedule-makers. I’d pick a nice warm day in June over semi-miserable weather in April for a doubleheader.

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