Choooooooch (Is Clutch)

From Elias Sports Bureau:

Carlos Ruiz snapped a 2-2 tie yesterday with an eighth-inning sacrifice fly. It proved to be the game-winner in the Phillies’ 3-2 victory over the Marlins. It was Ruiz’s 12th career game-winning RBI in the seventh inning or later — all since 2007. Over the last five seasons (2007-2011), only Ryan Howard (14) has more game-winning RBIs in the seventh inning or later for the Phillies.


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Chooch is the man!

Over 45,000 of us seconded that opinion yesterday!

p.s. I think Blanton has a good game tonight – he wants it bad, and we all need it. I wonder if Schneider will catch…

Chooch has always been, and will always be the effin MAN

I all behind Blanton having a good game. He does need it and we need to see him at his best.

I was also in attendance yesterday! Well Barb I think Blanton NEEDS to have a good game, if he keeps looking like Adam Eaton then he will be replaced by Kendrick I suspect. I would rather have Blanton than Kendrick.

Chooch will likely get Tuesday or Wednesday off. Wed. is a day game following a night game.

Blanton better have a good game, or the phans who thought they had tickets to see Halladay will let him have it.

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