Oswalt Says He’s Good to Go

Roy Oswalt threw 40 pitches in a bullpen session this afternoon, and said he felt fine.

Oswalt left Friday’s game against Florida because of a strained lower back. He said his back is good, and he expects to start Thursday in San Diego. Rich Dubee said the same thing, although he said they need to see how Oswalt’s back responds tomorrow.

The short of it: If Oswalt wakes up fine tomorrow he’s pitching Thursday. If he wakes up with a sore back he won’t. But the feeling is he will pitch.


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We’re all hoping Roy has a gem of a season in him this year. If he’s good to go, then let him go, and do what he does best. If he starts feeling some tinges, though, no reason not to let him have another trip around the rotation off, to heal up. It’s early enough that the games aren’t as big of a deal yet.

What’s a tinge?
And, early games matter too. They all count in the standings. They all matter.

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