It’s Lee or Losing Streak

The Phillies put their “Four Aces” theory to the test this afternoon — the theory being they won’t have many losing streaks — when Cliff Lee pitches against the Brewers. The Phillies must beat the Brewers today to avoid a sweep and a three-game losing streak.

Of course, it would make life easier on Lee with a little run support.

A few notes:

  • The Phillies have scored 23 runs from April 10-19, which ranks last in the National League. They have hit .204 with a .269 on-base percentage and a .270 slugging percentage. Each of those marks ranks last in the league.
  • They also have just 10 extra-base hits, which are the fewest in the league.
  • Elias Sports Bureau says: The 9-0 loss tied the largest margin of defeat in a Roy Halladay start in 11 seasons. The Blue Jays lost to the Rangers, 11-2, on July 16, 2004. The only larger margin of defeat came April 15, 2000, when the Mariners beat the Blue Jays, 17-6.
  • Paging Michael Stutes
  • The Phanatic has been named the best sports mascot in the country. You don’t realize how good the Phanatic is until you travel the country and see how bad other mascots are.
  • Did you know Shane Victorino has a book? It’s called Shane Victorino: The Flyin’ Hawaiian by Alan Maimon. Victorino said he will be signing books at the ballpark sometime in May. If I come across the date I’ll let you know.


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In times of adversity, every team is tested and their weaknesses are revealed. It is up to every good manager and his team to review these weaknesses and work on making them stronger… and better. With all the hype of our star starting pitchers, the weaknesses in our offense was overlooked. Now, it’s revealing itself. It’s April though and the Phils have time to correct themselves. Play the bench more, Charlie. There’s some talented guys there that need more playing time in my humble opinion and give Kendrick more chances to pitch.

So, part of your formula for the Phillies corecting themselves is giving Kyle Kendrick more opportunities to pitch? Really?
Where? in AAA or AA?

Kendrick has had one, solitary, bad inning thus far. I’m not going to say he’s our best arm out of the ‘pen – he’s not – but he’s not as bad as a lot of people have been painting him. Particularly as that one bad outing came after 10 days without throwing a pitch in a real game, and it was in a situation where he was pretty much being set up to fail (the offense had how many chances to knock in one more run before the 12th inning started… And then couldn’t even get one in the bottom?).

Some people seem to forget how instrumental he was in the 2007 and 2008 campaigns – especially down the line.

Always bashing Kyle. Why not bash Halladay? What is he after three starts? 1 and 1 with 1 no decision. What say you to that?

Paging Michael Stutes X2.
And I would also give Kendrick more chances to pitch…In Lehigh Valley. Zagurski can drive him up.

Todd…how much of Halladay’s bad start do you think is due to braking his schedule (with the rain out)?

Only Pherris can find a way to criticize Roy Halladay in relation to Kyle Kendrick. You can’t make this stuff up.
Kyle Kendrick has no chance because he doesn’t have an out pitch, a no-no for a relief pitcher (or any pitcher, for that matter). Madson and Contreras showed how to get people out late in a game, with K’s and groundballs, not long fly balls, like Kendrick.

And yet, Kendrick had by far the easiest inning of the 3, with the fewest men getting on-base, and the fewest pitches thrown.

I won’t lie to you, I prefer ground balls and Ks also (although it took an absolutely amazing play by Valdez on a fly ball to stop Contreras from all but blowing the save), but none of those fly balls made it to the track in our own park. I’ll take three average fly balls pretty much directly to the outfielders over any inning involving at least a walk and a single.

Also, Kendrick faced the best three of the order for his inning. Madson faced the late-middle/bottom of the lineup, and Contreras could have finished things off before they got to the 2-hole, but instead got one batter away from the 3-for-3 Prince Fielder.

Again, not disliking Contreras. I think he’s a better pitcher than Kyle… But let’s look at the facts too, ok?

I read those comments and all I can think to say is “sheesh.”
Sometimes, things can be a little too popular, if you follow my drift.
11 – 6.

muleman, the more work Kyle Kendrick gets, the worse it will be for the Phillies. It’s been that way for 5 years now, so I don’t see how it should be any different in 2011.

Yeah, man, remember in 2007 when he started 20 games, with a 3.87 ERA? That was terrible.

And don’t even get me started on 2008, when he ate up 5+ innings/start, on average, getting moved between #4 and #5 based on how the other guys around him were doing. Didn’t things work out terribly, that year?

And did you know, that in 2010, he gave up fully two more home runs than Halladay. Can you believe it? Two whole runs!

Seriously dude, are you trying to compare Kyle Kendrick to Roy Halladay? Halladay’s ERA was HALF of Kendrick’s last season. Halladay threw SEVENTY more innings in the same amount of games. Two whole runs? Try THIRTY less runs for Halladay, in seventy more innings. Please, stop already.

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