Miss That Three-Run Homer

There’s been a lot of talk about small ball and manufacturing runs lately, but Charlie Manuel couldn’t have been more pleased to see Placido Polanco hit a three-run homer yesterday in a 4-3 victory over the Brewers.

The victory snapped a two-game losing streak.

Polanco and Shane Victorino got the big hits, but the Phillies pitched well. You have to think the Phillies won’t have too many extended losing streaks this season because of the pitching. The Phillies had eight losing streaks of three games or more last season. They had a season-high five-game losing streak May 22-27. Of course, that streak had nothing to do with pitching and everything to do with four shutout losses. But assuming that doesn’t happen again, it’s tough to see them losing five-straight games.

If the over/under on the team’s longest losing streak this season is 4 1/2 games what are you taking?


In San Diego. If you’ve got a good lunch spot in the city let me know.


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Tin Fish in San Diego right by the ballpark & the convention center. Or Pokez on 10th & E for really good Mexican food.

If you must have a cheesesteak, it’s Philly Franks in San Marcos….though it’s like 25 miles north, they catered the Eagles @ Chargers game last year.

Hope you weather is nice GO PHILLIES!

Filiberto’s carne asada burrito is out of this world.

Just before I read your entry I was thinking the same thing. Homers got the job done yesterday. It was nice to see two in the game🙂 Whatever it takes to get the W.

Check out Point Loma Seafood. Get yourself a fish sandwich on sourdough bread, dynamite.

I went Kayaking in La Jolla last fall, the instructors insisted on Point Loma Seafood

Poma’s in Point Loma. A divy looking place, but good reputation and great sandwiches! They’re at 1846 Bacon Street, and their number is 619-223-3027.

If you stray into north county, there’s a great place just off the 5 at the Lomas Santa Fe exit: Milton’s. Excellent sandwiches! They give you so much food for the price, too. (If you’ve ever heard of Milton’s bread, these are the same people, and they’re based in north county.)

Oh, and if you’re craving pizza, probably the best pizza in the area is Del Mar Pizza at 211 15th Street in Del Mar. The owner, Tony, has a reputation like the soup Nazi in Seinfeld, but then his pizza has the same reputation as his soup. Just act subservient, and you’ll enjoy some fantastic pizza!

PHIL’S BBQ!!!! 4.5 stars on Yelp. It’s really good BBQ, a bit of a drive from downtown. Maybe like 10-15 minutes.


I highly recommend carls jr.

Todd, check out the Mission for breakfast, http://www.missionsoma.signonsandiego.com/ its awesome and has good coffee, a few blocks from Petco. Or just eat In-and-Out burgers.

The Field, great Irish pub


I would take time to reject many of these recommendations, though I shall not. If you want the Philly Cheesesteak of San Diego, go to Lolitas right nearby the park and partake in a California Burrito, ensuring to add guacamole. Its a unique San Diego treat that you effectively cannot find outside of the county. Why you would get pizza, BBQ, or a cheesesteak in San Diego is beyond me. You’re a stone’s throw from the Mexican border. You know what to do.

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Lolitas or most places for a Cali burrito is a MUST

I forgot, they don’t have REAL mexican food outside of well, San Diego, Tucson & maybe yeah that’s it.

So where’d ya eat Todd?

The Long ball was way overdue. The only problem is the guys who are supposed to be hitting them…… still aren’t hitting any ;o(

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