Amaro Still Hopeful Utley Can Be Back Before June

Ruben Amaro Jr. said on March 28 he had no plans to place Chase Utley on the 60-day disabled list because he thought he could be back before then.

He still feels that way, which means he still thinks Utley could be back before the end of May.

“I’m hopeful,” Amaro said before tonight’s game against the Padres at PETCO Park. “I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I’m hopeful. I can only hope.”

Amaro said Utley, who has patellar tendinitis, chondrolmalacia and bone inflammation in his right knee, has made some progress in the last couple weeks. But progress does not mean a rehab assignment is scheduled in the immediate future.

“He went from not running to running,” Amaro said of the progress.

But then he illustrated how Utley’s rehab is moving slowly.

“He doesn’t run every day,” he said.


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Equally as informed as the last time i heard an update.

I saw him running in a clip on TV. At least he was going full tilt . .

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Amaro thinking can be dangerous, like when he thought Jayson Werth wasn’t worth keeping, but Cliff Lee was worth trying, again. Only Philly would pick someone like Amaro, Jr., to run a billion dollar team. All repetition and no idea, whatsoever.

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It’s amazing that one of the best second basemen to ever play baseball has had two major injuries common for really old people. Maybe Chase needs a hip and knee replacement.

The fact of the matter is that NOTHING has changed so that the Phils will be able to say for CERTYAINTY that Chase will be back in 2-3 months. After all, they said just that a month ago. It’s better to just say nothing because we will all be upset when June comes and goes and they are saying that August is likely…. until, of course, when August comes and goes…..

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