Nothing But Zeroes in San Diego

The Phillies shut out the Padres for the second consecutive game with a 2-0 victory last night at PETCO Park. It is the Phillies’ fifth shutout of the season.

The Phillies threw back-to-back shutouts twice last season:

  • July 10-11 (vs. Cincinnati)
  • July 22-23 (at St. Louis and vs. Colorado)

According to Baseball Reference, the Phillies have thrown back-to-back shutouts 34 times from 1919-2011. They have thrown three consecutive shutouts three times and four consecutive shutouts twice. If the Phillies shut out the Padres tonight — the Padres have been shutout six times in 20 games this season, so it’s possible — it would be the first time they have done that since throwing four consecutive shutouts Aug. 13-16, 1969, when Jerry Johnson and Woodie Fryman both shutout the Braves in Atlanta and Grant Jackson and Rick Wise both shutout the Astros in Philadelphia.


Cole Hamels is 3-1 with a 1.23 ERA in five starts at PETCO Park, which gives him the lowest ERA of any pitcher with five starts at PETCO. Hamels actually passed Roy Oswalt, who has a 1.69 ERA at PETCO.


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When was the last time the Phillies, or any team, shut out an entire 3-game series?

Ryan, you must have forgotten about the Mets series last year where they scored 0 runs. What would be interesting is has anyone been shutout all 4 games of a 4 game series?

Last time the Phillies had three straight shutouts: Aug 13-16, 1969 when they had 4 straight. Pretty good, considering they lost 99 games.
Pitchers: Jerry Johnson, Woody Fryman, Grant Jackson and Rick Wise. Two against Atlanta and two against Houston.
That followed 4 straight losses and was followed by 3 straight losses.

I don’t know what the Major League record is.

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Now we know how the Padres fans must have felt, watching their team play from April to August last season. The diffence being that the 4 Aces and a Joe-ker (which is wild!) will not collapse in September and the slumbering lumber will wake up from hybernation.

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