The Funk 2011

The Phillies have won 7 of their last 11 games, despite not scoring more than four runs in any of those games.

Thank goodness for the rotation.

The offense has scored just 32 runs (2.9 runs per game) since they scored 10 runs in Atlanta on April 9. They have hit just .203 with a .278 on-base percentage and a .296 slugging percentage in that span. They have eight doubles, one triple, eight home runs and 29 RBIs. They have walked 37 times and struck out 66 times.

It could be worse. The Phillies went 12 consecutive games last season without scoring more than three runs in a game. Remember that one? It is impossible to forget. In a horrific stretch May 22 – June 4, the Phillies got shut out five times and scored just 17 runs (1.4 runs per game). They hit just .197 with a .277 on-base percentage and a .274 slugging percentage. They walked 38 times and struck out 88 times.

They went 3-9.


Here are some more numbers from this 11-game stretch and the 12-game stretch last season.


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I have an idea, that I may have mentioned before….Take Chase off the DL. Let him play off the bench. When we get a couple of runner’s on, let him hit. Then put in a pinch-runner for him.

That is an awful idea. In taking Chase of the DL that means we would have to send another player, one that is fully capable of doing more than just solely hitting, and sending him down to the minors. Which would probably be Pete Orr or John Mayberry Jr., two players who did more than what was expected of them in Spring Training to earn a spot on this team. Allowing Chase to fully heal is the team’s top priority right now, bringing him back and potentially slowing his recovery time down is not a good idea.

You realize that this isn’t softball and after he hits the ball, he has to RUN to first, right?

Wins and losses are the only stats that matter. I think we knew going into this season that between J-Roll being on the downside of his career, losing Werth, Utley being hurt, and the team getting older in general, we weren’t going to have the outrageous offense we’ve been used to. Luckily, the front office has assembled what might be a legendary starting rotation and the bullpen is doing well.

We had the most wins in all of baseball last year with almost everybody hurt, and the likes of Jamie Moyer and Kyle Kendrick in our starting rotation for most of the year (and no Oswalt until that last 2 months or so). We’re going do fine this year barring catastrophic injuries.

I think it ain’t broke folks, so don’t fix it. I do believe we are still in April. I know Phillie fans tend to look for the black cloud when the sun is shining but, please. Baseball has a long season. Even if a team has the best starting rotation, playing 162 games, there will be ups and downs. Enjoy the process, watch the games and trust a team that will bring much joy in October. Relax and enjoy some wonderful baseball.

the phightens are tied for first in the entire mlb. lets get on some positive sh1t @!

Blanton goes seven strong and the bullpen allows 1 baserunner in four innings. Madson getting comfortable in the ninth.
Still walking that tightrope on offense, but a win is a win.

Blanton is increasing his trade value with each good outing.

Well, it wasn’t the ninth for Madson (actually the 11th), but you know what I mean.

Pherris, you’re right about Blanton’s trade stock going up with every 7-inning-2-ER start, but his value to a team that can’t score worth a crapp also goes up.

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