A Crowded DL: Been There, Done That

The injuries are piling up for the Phillies, although Ruben Amaro Jr. said last night Carlos Ruiz won’t be placed on the DL today because of a back problem.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It just won’t happen today. But the DL already is crowded with Chase Utley, Brad Lidge, Jose Contreras, Joe Blanton, J.C. Romero, Domonic Brown and Brian Bocock

The Phillies should be used to this. I pictured players checking their iPads or phones last night and shrugging their shoulders at the latest DL news, if they hadn’t heard already.

“Blanton’s on the DL? Damn. OK.”

The Phillies have travelled this road before:

  • 2007: They used 46 players, including 28 pitchers (some of those players included Chris Roberson, Pete LaForest, Russell Branyan, Yoel Hernandez, Anderson Garcia, Kane Davis, John Ennis, Joe Bisenius, Zack Segovia and Matt Smith).
  • 2008: They used 40 players, including 18 pitchers (Brad Harman, Andy Tracy, Chris Snelling, R.J. Swindle, Les Walrond and Andrew Carpenter).
  • 2009: They used 41 players, including 22 pitchers (Rodrigo Lopez, Paul Hoover, Sergio Escalona and Steven Register).
  • 2010: They used 42 players, including 21 pitchers (Cody Ransom, Dane Sardinha, Brian Bocock, Nate Robertson, Scott Mathieson and Nelson Figueroa).

The Phillies handled the injuries every time. Nobody can say they will handle them this year, but it explains why nobody in the clubhouse is panicked, either.


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Speaks volumes to the depth of the farm system. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery to them all! GO PHILS!


Speaking of Ruiz being out a few days, who’s the 3rd string/emergency catcher?

I believe that Orr can catch in a pinch. Not that you want him to.
And I think the main reason Ruiz is not on the DL yet or they have not called up a replacement is because his potential replacements are not on the 40-man roster and they would have to release somebody from the 40-man. Or maybe they can put Brian Bocock on the 60 day DL.

Werth used to be the emergency catcher…..I think I read somewhere that Exxon (Wilson) Valdez is it this year. I believe Dane Sardhina is on his way according to twitter.

Actually the emergancy catcher for the Phils this season is Pete Orr.

Wilson Valdez is the emergency catcher

“Valdez is the Phillies’ emergency catcher to start the season, said Mick Billmeyer, the team’s bullpen coach and catching instructor.”

Orr has caught BP sessions.

I am the emergency catcher.

Time to panic😉

I’m pretty sure Les Waldron is my mailman. Go Phils!

Oy vey! At least it’s only April…almost May

If the Phils hadn’t let Jayson go, he would have been the 3rd string catcher ;o)

Bocock is obviously on the DL because he got injured while playing for the team, but when his time is up, does anyone think that he will stay with the team? Orr has had some impressive hits. Martinez seems like a much better option at this point. That’s why I don’t care if Bocock is on the DL, because I don’t think it affects the team one way or the other.

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