Howard Hits His Mark

Got some Ryan Howard tidbits for y’all:

  • He hit his 10th career grand slam in a 10-3 victory tonight over the Mets.
  • He hit a two-run homer, too. It was the 26th multi-homer game of his career.
  • The grand slam was the 259th homer of his career, which ties Del Ennis on the franchise’s all-time list. Howard needs to hit 289 homers to catch Mike Schmidt. Oh, is that all?
  • Howard set a franchise record with 27 RBIs in April. Pat Burrell had the previous record with 24 RBIs in April 2008.
  • Howard had six RBIs. It’s the fourth time in his career he has had six or more RBIs in a game. He had a career-high seven on June 20, 2006, against the Yankees.


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Doesn’t this GS set a new Phillies Record for most career GS Homers?

My boyfriend continues to amaze me!

Random thoughts on last nights game:
The hitters must have read Charlie’s quip to the press on batting.
Bay trapped Mayberry’s fly ball.
I liked Worley’s stuff last year and like it this year. Too bad they couldn’t trade Blanton in the spring.
At 39 it looks like Ibanez has hit a wall. Mayberry should get more playing time.
Who kept calling for the outside pitch to lefties last night? HP umpire wasn’t giving it.

Dag nabbit good stuff you whipperasnppres!

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Worley has one nasty pitch and the rest are waiting to get crushed. As long as he stays away from the heart of the plate, he should be fine. His sinker is way better than Kyle’s, which makes one think Kyle might be expendable….

Your articles are for when it absolutely, positively, needs to be understood oevngriht.

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