Cold Bats Are Everywhere

It sure felt like the Phillies struggled offensively in April.

At least they weren’t alone. Elias Sports Bureau said overall batting average (.251) and average runs per game (8.6) were the lowest in Major League Baseball through the end of April in 19 seasons. Offense hasn’t been this bad since 1992, when teams hit a combined .249 and averaged 8.2 runs per game.

The Phillies finished April hitting .261 and averaging 4.62 runs per game. It’s the lowest they’ve hit in April since 2008, when they hit .258. (Yes, that’s not that long ago.) It’s their fewest runs per game through April since 2006, when they averaged 4.50 runs per game. The Phillies’ .718 OPS through April is their lowest since 2005, when it was .698.

You would think those numbers put them at the bottom of the National League, but they don’t. The Phillies rank seventh in batting average, fifth in runs per game and sixth in OPS. The Phillies need to be much better than they have been, but it’s worse elsewhere. Of course, that’s no consolation for Charlie Manuel. He wants more consistency from his offense. I’m not sure he wants to stomach another 14-game streak of scoring four or fewer runs, which he suffered through last month.

It would help if Chase Utley returns before the end of the month, but we’ll see.


Elias also notes Roy Halladay has won each of his last seven starts against the Mets. Only four active pitchers have won their last seven (or more) starts against one team: Halladay also has an eight-game streak against Washington; Derek Lowe has won 10-straight starts against Pittsburgh; Livan Hernandez has won eight-straight games against Washington; and Bronson Arroyo has won seven-straight games against Houston.

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Relax, they are in first place and just getting started…when Chase gets back we will see a difference…

Ron Lindsley, if Utley plays like he did last year, we won’t see much if any of a difference.

The Phillies have the second-best run differential in the major leagues. I know that’s partially because of their pitching, but they have had offense. They’re tied for the best record in the MLB so far. And with Utley out, Ruiz slumping and Brown still in the minors, I’d say we’ve done preeetty well with what we’ve been given. I’m just tired of hearing about how the Phillies have no offense.

Patience, Iago. Patience.

Aladdin! Nice.

Besides that, though, I’m with you, j. I did some pretty good freaking out (the only game I’ve been to so far was Halladay’s unfortunate experience with the Brewers…), but then perspective set in. Their record speaks for itself, whether they’re hot or cold.

I hate to post this but, I think this IS the Phils’ offense for the season, or at least until Chase is healthy enough to play and produce everyday.

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