Utley Could Be Headed to Clearwater Soon

It would not be a shock to see Chase Utley in Clearwater in the near future.

He played in his second simulated game in three days today at Citizens Bank Park, and said it went well. Utley has been on the DL since the season started because of tendinitis in his right knee, but Charlie Manuel said Utley might be ready to take an important step in his return.

“It might be time to let him go somewhere, like Clearwater or something and start getting into a broader, bigger routine,” he said.

Utley said nothing has been decided, but added, “I’m getting closer, let’s put it that way.”

Ruben Amaro Jr. said through a team spokesperson, “We’ll see how he feels tomorrow and then see what the next step is.”

Utley’s next step likely would be extended spring training in Clearwater. Utley would have the opportunity to face live pitching – pitching coach Rich Dubee threw him batting practice Sunday – against the organization’s Minor League prospects. He also would be able to test his knee more vigorously.

If that went well Utley eventually would begin a rehab assignment.

Asked if he still feels pain in his right knee, Utley said, “I think we’re making some progress. We’ll have to see how tomorrow goes and go from there.”

“He felt some soreness, but at the same time that might be expected,” Manuel said.


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who would have believed: Every team in baseball has blown at least one save opportunity. And the only bullpen to blow just one April chance was that of the Philadelphia Phillies — which is stunning, since the Phillies’ closer (Brad Lidge) and fill-in closer (Jose Contreras) are both on the disabled list.

and we comnplain about our Pen?? Way to go guys!!

Does any other MLB team have 4 complete games? That might be a reason the Phils have only blown one save.

The Phillies overall pitching staff leads MLB in just about every significant statistic out there. WHIP, K/BB, complete games, quality starts, least runs, least BB, least total bases, opposition’s OBP, slugging and OPS…on and on. This is a historic staff, and the bullpen is holding up it’s end.

4 complete games the reason why the Phillies BP has only 1 blown save? Maybe, but I kind of f**king doubt it.

Muleman, I can’t believe you really mean that. Afterall, a crappy pen is a crappy pen no matter how many/few innings it pitches. Rest is important and helpful, but it seems that a vast majority of Phils games have been decided by 3 or fewer runs and the pen has been used in every game but 4. I think Dubee and Charlie should be given a lot of credit for bringing in the right guy at the right time. They are getting the job done.

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This article isn’t about the bullpen …

I’m so glad to finally have him heading to Florida. The light at the end of this tunnel is getting bigger and bigger and hopefully he’ll be kickin’ a$$ at CBP very soon.

Please give us updates on how he is doing down there!!!

phan52: You and your statistics are such a buzz kill. They are so sanitized, so sterile. Is there anything visceral at all about baseball to you? Ryan Howard is an RBI machine. I’ll take him him over any other player in baseball today based on this one statistic no matter what you sabremetricans and your crunched numbers may indicate. Roy Halladay is a good pitcher but you’ll have to excuse me for thinking he is just the best of a mediocre lot. Of course my gold standard is Steve Carlton 1972. But, that being said, it may very well be shown that he is not even the best among the Phillies current starting rotation. And lastly, the money the Phillies didn’t spend was well spent on giving Ben Fransisco the right field job.

Sorry for pointing out how good the Phillies staff is bozo, er, pherris. And I don’t have to look at stats to know that Halladay is not only the best pitcher on the Phillies, but the best pitcher in MLB. Stats confirm it, but I know it viscerally as well.
And yes, Ryan Howard is an RBI machine, but due to your obvious lack of baseball knowledge, you’ll never know why. Too bad for you.

You calling me bozo speaks volumes about you.

And your assessment of Roy Halladay speaks volumes about you. Bozo.

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