Werth Is Back

Jayson Werth is back in Philadelphia.

Cheer or boo? Hey, let’s vote!

Update: Werth heard mostly boos as he walked to the plate in the top of the first inning, but he tipped his cap as he stepped into the batter’s box. Automatic standing ovation. Werth heard more boos as he ran to right field in the bottom of the first, but as he got closer he received another standing ovation.


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Boo him for being a rude, arrogant a-hole.

If he had just taken the money and left, no problem. But his anti-Phillies & otherwise arrogant comments should get him booed.

The guy has to do what he has to do to let his NEW teammates know that he IS a National and his Phillie days are done and over with. Those statements in the media have the purpose of getting back at Ruben and the organization and letting his new teammates know where his heart and head are at. If youthink Jayson is NOW suddenly a horrible person because of what he said about the Phils or us phans, you should get over it. It’s not personal…. It’s business.

I’ll be there tonight. Can’t wait.

I’ll be there, too! Can’t wait to boo, loud and long!!!

I’ll be booing from home. I just don’t like some of his comments his made since he’s left. Never one of my favorites, but his offense/defense over the last couple of yrs has been very good.

Waaaa you big bunch of babies…. if you had ANY talent and someone offered you all that money after the team you helped win a World Series told you you were too old, you’d all give up the money and stay anyway…. HYPOCRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m a philly phan!

I’ll be there as well, and I will be booing him for choosing money over friends and history.

How do you know who Jayson Werth’s friends are?

I wil lbe at the game tonight. BOO his ass

i do miss his defense

I’ll be there tonight cheering him on! Like any one of you wouldn’t have taken 126 million?!? He even said Charlie Manuel gave him advice long ago to take what he could get!

What a joke this is.
First, he was never the face of the franchise. He said about 10 words the entire time he was here. You hear more out of Carlos Ruiz, and he barely speaks English.
Second, it’s like none of you would leave your current job for more money to work for a competitor. And once you got there, you’d want to do your best so that your former employer would suffer.

Why is baseball any different?

Lets be honest. He played for us for several years and he played well. I will cheer for him when he steps on the field as a thank you for what he did for us. After that, he is our enemy.

Werth did GREAT things while he was in Philly and deserves a bit of recognition for that. I also don’t think fans should use his leaving to go to the Nats as an excuse to give him a hard time – the higher-ups didn’t make a move to keep him in Philly, that shouldn’t be something we hold against him.

Boo him.. he left the phillies for more money. if he were a phillie true at heart he wouldnt have taken the deal with the lame nationals…BOOOOOOOOOOOO

He was told by Charlie that if he gave up a big paycheck that he’d be an idiot! The game is a business and like most said, if you were offered more money for a different job you wouldn’t hesitate to take it! 127 million… I would call anyone a fool if they passed up that opportunity ! I was born a phillies fan, and don’t eat sour grapes!

He helped the TEAM to the world series, and playoffs. He is a great ball player, I respect that about him. What he chooses in his life is his business. I hope he is happy. The phils are awesome with or without him. This doesnt surprise me, phila fans need to be negative about something. Its the phila fans from NJ that love the team no matter what. His x team mates wont be booing him. Get some class. GO PHILLIES!!!!!

HEY! Some of us phans who love the guy aren’t from NJ……

Let’s not forget that he was offered 15M / yr by the Phils. That is too much money for a run of the mill outfielder, with a part time RH power bat. Yeah his D is better, but Francisco is a better value by far for the $. btw what is the showing appreciation crap ? He should show some respect for Pat Gillik and the organization, whom without, he wouldn’t have a MLB career! We fans owe him nothing, and we show are “appreciation” by buying tickets and tuning in!

Werth is a petulant putz. The anti-Clutch. Glad he’s gone.


Stand up and cheer for Werth. He never said a bad word about the fans or the city and what he said about the team was taken out of context. I don’t blame him for taking 127 mill to go be mediocre in Washington. That’s more then he would’ve gotten anywhere, and twice what he would’ve gotten here. He sabatoged that team. Just wait until Harper and Strasburg are hitting their stride in a couple years and they can’t put anyone else around them because they’re paying Werth 20 mill a year.

He was awesome when he was here. Show some class and clap in his first AB, then let him have it after that.

Maybe a cheer when the lineups are announced. But that’s it. He plays for the Nats.

Absolutely. I’ll sure as hell boo him in at bat number two, and anytime after that, but I think showing some appreciation for his time here in his first at bat is warranted.

@ Sherrri- Way to generalize a mass quantity of people based on the actions of a few. By your logic, all Philly fans from Jersey throw up on little girls because one guy did. I’m from Philly, I’ll give him a standing ovation in his first at bat. We get enough of that from the national media stereotyping us all as scum bags. We don’t need our own fans doing the same for people who live in different area’s. That’s a big bag of fail if you ask me. Also, we offered him 15 mill over 3 years. He got 127 over 7. I wou;d’ve left too.

You guys kidding me? Seriously going to blame him for taking twice the money as the Phils were offering? The Nats literally made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Its like with Cliff Lee, the Phils had to get into the ballpark for him to be willing to take less money. He wasn’t about to pass up $140 million to sign for $75 million. Same thing with Werth. Nats were willing to drastically overpay him.

As for the anti-Phillies comments, that is ridiculous. Of course its big headlines when he supposedly claimed to hate the Phils while taking BP. Yet its barely mentioned when he refutes that quote and says its ridiculous that he has no reason to hate the team and appreciates the time he spent here.

If I were a Phillies fan in the stands tonight, I’d cheer him his first at-bat. Philly fans always say how championships are the only thing that matter. Werth helped the Phillies win one. So I don’t understand how he gets booed because he took $126 million over a guaranteed $48 million. If you say you would have passed up $126 million for $48 million you’re simply not being honest with yourself.

Well said, good man Mr. Zolecki.

Cheer him ……standing O cheer him! Do it the first at bat, then no more after that! I love Jayson and of course, he’s a Nat now, but he was a GREAT Phillie and thrilled us A LOT during that time! Please don’t boo him……..we didn’t boo Pat. GO PHILLIES….GO COLE!! 🙂

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Consider something. The Phils will only be bettered by the addition of Cliff Lee if we replace Werth with an equivalent player in RF. Only then will we be better than last year by one great left handed pitcher. Francisco doesn’t fit the bill. At best, he’s a decent utility outfielder with some RH pop off the bench. He’s a good guy, but way too slow in the field and on the base paths to be a starter on a championship team. Sorry to pile it on, but Ben has no arm at all, and as I said in a previous post he has already run into the wall and Shane damaging both.
Dom Brown tore up up his extended spring and rehab assignments last week batting .500 most of the time with half of his hits homers (4). One flew over the “eye” whatever the heck that is. It’s time to commit to the future and make Brown Werth’s heir once and for all. This is the perfect time with the “Four Aces” providing cover.
Sitting Raul in favor of Mayberry is another obvious choice with Ibanez turning 40 this year. Mayberry has earned the promotion. A great team can’t afford a half year “on” half year “off” player. Which will show up for the post-season? This move alone shaves 12 years off an aging team.

Adam, have you looked at Francisco’s stats this year as apposed to Werth’s? I’ll take Ben’s 4 HR, 18 RBI, 10 R, 8 multi base hits, and 2 SB and ut him some slack in the field. Once he got used to playing with Victorino he’s doing fine in the field as well.

I say don’t boo Werth. He gave some good years with us, but if he does or says anything against us, LET HIM HAVE IT!

Werth got what he wanted. He got him some love early, and then boos from then on, which he knows is a sign of respect.

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