Worley Shows Phillies’ Depth

Vance Worley is 2-0 with a 0.75 ERA (one earned run in 12 innings) in two starts this season, which should have the Phillies feeling pretty good about their starting pitching depth.

It’s likely they’ll need him again at some point this season.

Here’s a look at the number of starting pitchers the Phillies have used in each of the previous four seasons:

  • 13 in 2007: Jamie Moyer (33), Adam Eaton (30), Cole Hamels (28), Kyle Kendrick (20), Jon Lieber (12), Kyle Lohse (11), Freddy Garcia (11), J.D. Durbin (10), Brett Myers (3), Fabio Castro (1), John Ennis (1), Zack Segovia (1) and J.A. Happ (1).
  • 7 in 2008: Hamels (33), Moyer (33), Myers (30), Kendrick (30), Eaton (19), Joe Blanton (13) and Happ (4).
  • 12 in 2009: Hamels (32), Blanton (31), Moyer (25), Happ (23), Cliff Lee (12), Myers (10), Pedro Martinez (9), Chan Ho Park (7), Rodrigo Lopez (5), Antonio Bastardo (5), Kendrick (2) and Andrew Carpenter (1).
  • 9 in 2010: Roy Halladay (33), Hamels (33), Kendrick (31), Blanton (28), Moyer (19), Roy Oswalt (12), Happ (3), Worley (2) and Nelson Figueroa (1).

The Phillies have used six starters so far this season. Maybe that’s all they’ll use. If they do the Phillies should win a ton of games because that means their aces are healthy. But even if the Phillies lose a starter for a significant stretch, Worley has shown the ability to handle himself. The Phillies always have Kendrick, too.

Charlie Manuel said that’s good to know. But he also hopes it doesn’t come to that.


Phillies starters have gone five consecutive games in which they have pitched six or more innings and allowed one or fewer runs: Worley (six innings, no runs), Roy Halladay (nine innings, one run), Cliff Lee (seven innings, one run), Cole Hamels (nine innings, one run) and Worley again (six innings, one run). Elias Sports Bureau said it’s the first time that has happened for the Phillies since June 6-11, 1995: Mike Williams, Curt Schilling, Paul Quantrill, Tyler Green and Michael Mimbs.


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They should let him start in the minors in case of injury or Blanton being traded. I’d rather see him ready to start vs picking up garbage innings.

Agreed. Got to keep him stretched out and ready in case something else happens down the road.

I hear some fans calling for Blantons head, and keeping Worley in the rotation, but I don’t see 12 innings as a starter this year good enough to replace him. I agree with Brian, send him down, and let him get his work in. I could see a trade for Joe by the deadline, and Worley finding some regular starts till the playoffs. Great work from the kid tho.

Would LOVE to see Vance start regularly. The bull pen is what scares me.

I have liked this kid since he first started. I think he deserves to be in the rotation. He will definately be sent back down to the minors to keep him strectched. He will either be blantons replacement pending trade or an ace injury replacement. I am pretty sure we will see him in the starting line up next year as well as mathieson. I haven’t seen or heard much on stutes but would really like to see him stay up in the majors for a while. He seems solid in the bull pen. Though thats not hard cosnidering our bullpen.

Although a small sample, Worley seems more poised than Blanton.

He’s been a pleasant surprise. I hope they send him to LV and keep him stretched out just in case of injury or if the Phils are able to unload Blanton.

Love the “Clark Kent” glasses🙂

Worley looks like he can handle the bigs, but he’ll be better off starting in AAA than being a long man in the ‘pen. I am also curious to see how Oswalt is when he gets back, and hoping that he doesn’t have any further back issues. I’m hoping they keep Stutes when Contreras gets back, although I suspect they will keep Baez because of the contract. Too bad.
It looks like Raooool is ready to have his annual hot streak. They could use it, as they have a pretty tough schedule for the rest of the month, with series against the Marlins, Braves, Cardinals, Rockies, Reds and Rangers. Go Phillies!!

The bullpen scares me too, but since Herndon was sent down, the bullpen ERA is the lowest in the NL at like 3.00 and that was before last nights game. I really like Stutes and want to see what some of the young arms can really do.

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