Utley’s First Day in Florida

Chase Utley played in his first extended spring training game this morning in Dunedin, Fla.

He went 5 for 7 with two home runs.


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He’s hired.

Fingers crossed that he feels OK, tomorrow!

ok hes ready bring him up

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OH MY GOD!! That’s amazing!! He should be in Philly tonight then right?? I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!! Yahooooooooo!!!

Thats all well and good, but h’es been in the batting cages for weeks. Can he field and run the bases yet? Thats the issue at hand,

It’s about a 4 1/2 hour drive to Land-shark-proplayer-blockbuster-Joe Robbie-Bowl stadium…. Just sayin…

it said he fielded for 5 innings

He is still facing “professional” pitching. He still had have his timing and swing down. Which he did. I’d love to see you face and hit like that off of such a step up from BP.

let’s all remember this is a step up from BP. It’s not like Roger Clemens was throwing him cheese….

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I wonder what the context of the at-bats were. More importantly, I hope that knee feels okay when he wakes up tomorrow.

We know he can hit. The obvious question is can he do everything else with the knee?

Your all kinda dumb, he was hitting against either hs kids looking to get into the minors, the phillies lowest pitching prospects or a over the hill coach throwing slightly harder than bp! Calm down let him take time coming back, thats why they have rehab starts!

Chris- you’re a douche

Boy you guys are the only team that celebrate a pitchers(Lee) loss. How that “best rotation of all time” working out for you tonite. The only game you won was against a 20 year old kid who only had 70 innings above AA. Our pitching staff makes you guys look like you should be wearing the pink gear on a more regular basis. I guess they kinda lose a few MPH when they become a Frilly.

LOL! At least the clueless baseball fans in Atlanta waited until they had a 7 game lead before they came around last season. Now they show up after a win in early May.
Little victories, I guess. Whatever gets you off.

Can’t wait till he plays meaningful games. This O is hard to watch most of the time.

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