A Challenging Month Ahead

The Phillies had a relatively easy road the first five-plus weeks of the season. They played just five of their first 30 games against teams with winning records as they prepare to play the Florida Marlins tonight in Miami.

But things are going to get tougher. The Phillies are in the beginning of a 20-game stretch against teams with only winning records:

  • 3 vs. Atlanta (lost 2 of 3 this weekend)
  • 3 at Florida
  • 3 at Atlanta
  • 2 at St. Louis
  • 2 vs. Colorado
  • 3 vs. Texas
  • 4 vs. Cincinnati

They do not play another team with a losing record until they play the Mets in New York on May 27-29.


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These next six games are big. They can distance themselves from the division, or they can insure that the competition will be hanging around all season.
Can’t get Oswalt, Contreras, Utley and Brown back soon enough.

I think our pitching staff itself insures that we’ll be hanging around all season there Mr. Phan. Now if I were you, I’d spend a little less time gloating about how your team is in first place because they beat up on sub .500 teams(literally 8 out of 11 series were played against them; 2 of the 3 that weren’t were ATL), and a little more time realizing that it’s friggin May, and already the “Best pitching staff of all time” and it’s battery are showing various cracks in the armor. So celebrate all you want that your under preforming offense and less than advertised pitching, along with that depleted bullpen, is in first place on May 9th; I’m gonna celebrate the sub 3.00 ERA 4 out of my 5 starters are currently putting up.

haha just like last year right?

Celebrating stats is what fans of teams in third place do, so have at it Brandon. Maybe you can pop some champagne with your drunken ‘ace’.
The Phillies are hurting physically right now and are still in first place. What are the Braves going to do when it inevitably happens to them as well? Because it WILL happen. Nobody is immune from it. What do you think? Third place to what? the cellar?

So how is it that your fantastic pitching staff has the NL’s lowest ERA and along with your supposedly great bullpen the Braves are 3.5 games back?
Since it is “frigging May,” how can you deride the Phils’ staff and offense? Your argument is full of holes.

We so need the pop of Utley’s bat for this stretch, good pitching will not be enough. The hits gotta start coming in bunches if the Phillies wanna hold onto NL East top spot.

Don’t worry Rich, the Phillies will start to get players back this week and should be pretty healthy by the end of May. I’d like to see another team manage to stay in first place losing the likes of Utley, Brown, Ruiz, Oswalt, Blanton and Contreras for any extended period of time. I don’t even count Lidge in that mix because anything they get from him would be a bonus. Contreras and Madson make a fine back end of the bullpen.

Dear Brandon-

Eat a dick.

The Braves’ schedule isn’t exactly a real toughy to-date, either. Who’d you play? The Nats? The Brewers? You lost 2 of 3 to the Cards, one of the few good teams on your schedule prior to playing the Phils. How about you take some of that “It’s only May” bullshit you’re shoveling, shove it up your ass and keep your garbage commentary to yourself. Have fun watching us in the Playoffs in September, when the games really count.


You have such a way with words there, DC. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? It’s funny that a simple heckling from an apposing teams fan was enough to rile you up like that. I’m sorry that my well researched and very appropriate observation of “It’s only May bullshit” made that little corner of your brain that absorbs logic work overtime right now, but if you stopped cursing like a 13 year old for a second, you would realize it was true. I didn’t celebrate when the Braves tore up first place for about 7/10ths of the season(I think many here remember Bill did that enough for every Braves fan) because I know it doesn’t matter which path you take and what happens along the way, as long as you end up where you were trying to go in the first place. Underperforming? Braves are doing it. Physically beat up? Braves stayed in 1st last year most of the season while beat up, and injuries were the only reason we didn’t make it further into the playoffs. So Mr. Phan, the point I am presenting (that you so obviously missed), is what if the 2011 Phillies are the 2010 Braves? In first in May, Wild Card by September. You’re doing the same thing Bill did last year. So please, before you piddle around insults like “drunken ace”(which, I don’t really understand if that’s supposed to embarrass me, considering the “drunken ace” is pitching better than Oswalt or the $120MM man), just remember your own words; “Nobody is immune from it.”

The 2011 Phillies are not the 2010 Braves. The 2011 Phillies have won four straight division titles, two NL crowns and a WS. The Braves haven’t won squat, unless you count being a wild card team. I’ll have to check to see if they give you banners for that. Did you have a ceremony this spring for that? Did the usual 25,000 or so fans show up for it? Curious phans want to know.
The Braves aren’t underperforming, BTW. Their starting pitching is not as good as you think it is and it will show as the season wears on. But go ahead, celebrate the stats. That’s what losers do.


You are a douche. You’re so insecure and pathetic that you have to come to opponent forums and spout off your f**king mouth. And about what? You are without substance or consequence. My favorite thing about the Braves is that they won all those Division Championships in a row and had one WS ring to show for it. What a f**king embarrassment and exhibition in choking futility. So shut the f**k up and crawl back to your own lame fans and their lame team. F**king die a**hole loser.

Man, Phillie phans just can’t take a series loss can they? One series gone, and their eyes are about to explode. Also, FU, if I am “so insecure and pathetic that you have to come to opponent forums and spout off my f**king mouth”, then so are half of your Philly phan brethren. Also, because we root for different teams, I am an “asshole loser” that should “fucking die?” Real secure and fully of nobility you are, sir.

Dude, you are the one coming around here in early May gloating about a series where your third place team picked up one game in the standings. Woo-hoo! Pop the champagne! Maybe Lowe has some in his trunk to pass around.
I really thought some of you clowns would have figured out last season that gloating doesn’t do you any good until they play 162 games. But apparently, the clueless, casual Braves fans haven’t figured that out yet.

Uh, your response is also pathetic as all it did was quote me. You’re out of your league, as I suspect, deep down, you know the Braves are. Crawl back to your cave little imp.

That means a lot Phan, coming form the guy who just came onto our blog talking about sweeping us before the series. I see the attitude has changed a bit huh? Went from the gloating phan you just made a malicious remark about(stuns me how hypocritical you are), to a defensive scared phan that uses irrelevant stats like this: “The 2011 Phillies have won four straight division titles, two NL crowns and a WS”, to try an use as evidence as to why the Phillies will apparently not lose. If were gonna run that bat shit insane logic, I’m gonna use “TEH BRAVES WONE 14 STRAIGHT TITLES SO THAT MEANS TEHY R TEH BEST AND TEHY WILL WIN TEH DIVISOIN HURRRR”

No dude, I never predicted a sweep. My response on your board was to a Braves fan who predicted a sweep by the Braves. I never do such a thing because I understand the serendipity of baseball, something you clueless dopes will never figure out as long as there is MLB. If the best team always won in MLB the Nationals would be 0-162.
And BTW, The Braves have not won 14 straight divisions. They haven’t won a division title since 2005. Just thought you should know that argument won’t wash. I thought even casual Braves fans would know that.

Oh, and I just noticed that one of the Braves fan who predicted a sweep was none other than Brandon. I should have known. They’re all interchangably clueless, but Brandon moreso.

Yes it’s early. Yes the Phillies have been bottom feeding. Yes, we have our closer, our replacement closer, our lefthanded set up guy, our 2nd basemen, our catcher, our # 3 starter, our #5 starter, our #1 prospect, and I’m probably forgetting someone, on the DL. We’re still in first place. What happens when all these guys come back healthy? I can’t wait for a serries with the Braves in Sept, just like last year. We’ll be about 10 games up by then I figure. Have a great day Brandon, you can start making those vacation plans for October already, we’ll be going to Playoff games, as usual.

Man – Phillie fans get so worked up over a little spirited trash talking that it’s no wonder they puke on each other.

Bravo: When Braves fans puke at the ballpark, they’re more likely to hit an empty seat than another fan.

That actually happens a bit a CBP too. The seat is empty because the ticketholder is too busy being arrested on the field. Just be glad your phans have to see Matt Diaz’s legs a bit less often now.

Projectile puking – an art form in Atlanta.

Nice start to the road trip. Madson was as dominating as he’s ever been. He goes from a 97 MPH fastball to an 84 change. Not really fair.


You’re a mental midget. Your comments are not funny or clever. I guess I understand the reference to that one fan getting tazed. In fact, I think we all read about that. However, if your comment was meant as an insult or a dig at Phillies fans, I don’t think it worked because your writing skills and mental capacity for humor are not up to the task. Better luck next time.

You Phillies guys really have to excuse Brandie. He is the idiot without the savant in our panoply of bloggers. Guy is really a frustrated soccer player.Now to important matters. According to MLB the lowest ERA by a qualifying starter is Jurrjens @ 1.50, Halladay follows .7 behind at 2,19. Next Braves starter is Hanson at 2.63, ahead of Hamels at 2.83. Now here is where it starts to get interesting. Hudson is at 2.86 compared to Lee at a pedestrian 3.69. Now the comparison decimates the frillies., Beachy @ 2.98 and Lowe @ 3.22. The Frills, no starter qualifies for the 4th and 5th spots. You have Oswalt, who doesn’t Qualify and even seem to want to play. You have Blanton with a DNQ 5.83 ERA and Kendrick who got dragged out of the BP to make a spot start. Philadelphia I have one question, DO YOU FEEL LUCKY??? How’s that “best rotation of all time”
thing working out for you.???

BillieBobReefer, your late. I expected you to crawl out of the woodwork long before now.

I seem to remember that Kendrick has won his one start this season. I wonder who it was that he beat?
How’s that great early season rotation working out for Atlanta? Third place? What are you gonna do when reality catches up? Must be luck.

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