Halladay-Johnson IV

It’s Roy Halladay vs. Josh Johnson tonight, and it’s the best pitching matchup of the season so far.

These two have faced each other three times in their careers:

  • June 18, 2006, in Miami. The Marlins beat the Blue Jays, 4-1. Johnson allowed eight hits, one earned run and six walks in 5 2/3 innings. He struck out 5. Halladay allowed eight hits, four earned runs and two walks in six innings. He struck out seven.
  • May 29, 2010, in Miami. Halladay threw the 20th perfect game in baseball history in a 1-0 victory. He struck out 11. Johnson allowed seven hits, one unearned run and one walk in seven innings. He struck out six.
  • June 10, 2010, in Philadelphia. The Marlins beat the Phillies, 2-0. Johnson allowed three hits and one walk in eight innings. He struck out five. Halladay allowed six hits, one run and one walk in eight innings. He struck out eight.

Since Halladay joined the Phillies, Halladay and Johnson have allowed just one earned run in 32 innings. They have allowed just 15 hits and just three walks. They have struck out 30.

This is must-see-TV tonight.


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Must-see TV and there MIGHT be 3,000 fans in attendance tonight. And many will be Phillies fans….

No Chris, MOST will be Phillies phans.

Why the negativity? Low attendance in Florida hurts all of baseball. Do you get it yet?

Someone please tell me why this is not a nationally televised game.

Oh … because it’s Tuesday and ESPN doesn’t do Tuesday Night Baseball.
They’re busy running a show about legal cockfighting in Texas and a show about the Red Sox comback 7 years ago.
ESPN2 is doing a show about college football and a show about when Tom Brady was selected in the NFL draft 11 years ago.
“The Worldwide Leader”

Because MLB wants you to get MLB network or MLB TV, which of course charge a premium.

From what I understand MLB television is a fraud. Sure you can get xxx number of games. But getting games and getting games you want to view are two different things. Buyer beware.

I just get MLB as part of some sports-tier package. I wouldn’t pay for it as a stand-alone, although the ’20 Greatest Games’ series is cool.

Oh well I’m sure those will have much better ratings.

MLB Network is showing the Cardinals/Cubs or Reds/Astros tonight, depending on the area.

Also the Phils were just on ESPN Sunday night baseball two weeks in a row.

Dane Sardinha must be pinching himself being able to catch for Roy Halladay.

I thought that Sardinhas catching Doc was going to be a bigger deal than most phans thought. At least Schneider knows what Docs pitches do and he’s familiar with every hitter the Phils’ pitchers have to face. Sure Schneider needed the rest, but now that he’s on the DL, he’ll get plenty ;o(

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