Halladay’s Tough Loss

A few notes from tonight’s 2-1 loss to the Marlins:

  • Roy Halladay outpitched Josh Johnson, but took the loss. It snapped his 13-game winning streak against the NL East.
  • The Phillies had the bases loaded in the second and third innings, but did not score. You knew that would come back to haunt them. Said Jimmy Rollins: “I was like, ‘Damn, that would have been a good way to blow the game open.'” Said Charlie Manuel: “I ain’t worried about what’s coming back to haunt us. I’m worried about scoring some runs and how we play. We had chance there. We didn’t do it. That’s a tough way to lose the game, but it happens.”
  • Halladay walked Johnson with one out in the third inning. Johnson eventually scored. Halladay leads the big leagues with just 1.18 walks per nine innings. It was the first pitcher he walked in his career. Halladay was not happy about it. “I just walked him,” he said. “I don’t know what else to tell you. I didn’t make good pitches. Some close ones, but not strikes. I don’t where to go. It’s definitely frustrating. You can’t afford to do that. Definitely wasn’t real thrilled about it.”
  • Rollins’ error in the eighth led to the winning run. He bobbled the ball and then threw wide to first base on an Omar Infante ground ball. Ryan Howard and Rollins both agreed Infante would have been out had Rollins put the throw on target.
  • The Phillies said Chase Utley has a scheduled day off tomorrow. He is expected to play Thursday in Clearwater with Roy Oswalt and Carlos Ruiz. I’m still guessing here, but I still think we could see Utley back with the Phillies sometime next week.


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I’m getting Rollins flashbacks with this rumor of Chutley being back in time for the next home stand. The offense may not be quite clicking, but if this team keeps on the way it’s been going, there’s no reason to rush him back. We’ll need him fully healthy for the home stretch.

They rushed Rollins back last year, he wound up right back on the DL. They rushed Howard and Utley back last year as well and neither really found their grooves.

That being said, if he’s ready to come back, I say bring him back.

I’m worried about Utley returning for a week or 2 and then being shut down for the rest of the season. I hope I’m wrong.

A tough loss. Too bad the offensive couldn’t take advantage of several opportunities. Halladay definitely needs the “Catcher Whisperer” Chooch back.

Walking the pitcher. Having Sardinha up for the most critical at-bat in the game. JRoll with some un-JRoll like defense.
Well, it’s only one game and we move on. The offense owes Cliff Lee one from last Friday when the gave him zero runs to work with. Crooked numbers on the scoreboard tonight.

Actually, JRoll has backed up on a few ground balls this season. It’s disturbing.
And don’t forget the passed ball by Sardinha. I think they might have scored it a wild pitch, but the ball hit his glove at belt-level. No excuse for that one.

Yeah, I don’t know how they scored that a wild pitch. Plus, the scorer originally gave the batter a hit on JRoll’s error, which is ridiculous because, not only did he bobble it, he made a bad throw.

Hi Todd.

Where do you get your photos from? Do you take them yourself at games? They are very revealing and show a lot more than what we see on the diamond; I am a fan!

Let utley come back at his own pace, he knows his body best. The team needs chooch back asap…. especially the starters. You see how many times they are shaking off sardinha. Chooch provides the presence behind the plate and a better bat.

Frustrating game. Besides the individual miscues, I was disappointed (but not surprised) they didn’t play any small ball last night. Should have had Francisco bunt in the 2nd with no outs and Ibanez on 2nd. And it really would have been nice if JRoll could have attempted to steal 2nd in the 7th, then have Vic bunt him over to 3rd. I know JJ was paying a lot of attention to him, but John Buck has a below average arm.

It figures that Jimmy’s first error in a month plus would result in a loss ;o(

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