Scoring Is Down, But Manuel Doesn’t Want to Hear It

The Phillies need Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz back in their lineup soon.

Ruiz is expected to be back this weekend in Atlanta. Utley could be back next week.

Entering tonight’s game against the Marlins, Phillies second basemen ranked last in the National League with a .557 on-base-plus-slugging percentage. Phillies catchers ranked last with a .574 OPS. (Ruiz was hitless in 21 at-bats before he landed on the DL, but he hit .302 with a .400 on-base percentage last season.)

To put that in perspective, Houston Astros pitchers entered the night with a .593 OPS.

“We need our lineup to get better,” Charlie Manuel said.

The Phillies rank fifth or better in OPS at first base (fifth at .864), third base (second at .826), shortstop (fourth at .749) and center field (third at .837). Pitchers rank eighth (.358), rightfielders rank ninth (.744) and leftfielders rank 13th (.694).

The Phillies have had very little happening offensively once Ryan Howard hits, although Raul Ibanez is picking up. He is hitting .467 (14-for-30) with four doubles, two home runs and five RBIs in his last eight games.

“We don’t have the offense we used to have,” Manuel said. “We don’t have the depth in our offense right now. We get Utley back that’s definitely going to help us some. But we do not have the offense we had. I’ve told you about the guys with the high on-base percentages. We used to lead the league in base runners, but we also used to lead the league in runs scored.”

Manuel has heard in meetings and elsewhere that scoring is down everywhere.

Yeah, so?

“That don’t mean we have to have that damn problem,” Manuel said. “I say that in meetings all the time. That’s like saying if somebody jumps off a bridge you’re going to jump off with them. The hell with that. Really. That’s kind of how I look at that. I want us to be the best team in baseball. I want to put the best players on the field. I want the best hitting, the best pitching, the best defense.”


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F’n A, Cholly.

This desire to have the best of everything, I think, leads to a move for a RH bat at the deadline.

It’s great that Charlie wants to score more, but he needs to instill plate discipline into this lineup. On top of that, it’s Charlie’s responsability to order more hit & runs, steals, bunts for base hits, etc…. He simply can’t expect this group to hit for power, and I have a feeling that’s what he is doing.

THe question, Frank, is do you make a move, or do you wait and figure that once Utley and Ruiz get back and you drop either Victorino or ROllins to bat 6 (one leads off, then Polly, Utley, Ryan, Ibanez, the other, Fransisco, Ruiz) the offence picks up. YOu also have Brown waiting in LV. We only make a move if Blanton is gone and the other 4 are healthy and pitching very well

That is why Charlie is a winner cuz he desires to be the best and maybe his players need to start thinking like that too…gotta love Charlie

The fact of the matter is that Valdez/Orr AREN’T Chase Utleys and any production from those guys should be appreciated. Francisco is NOT Jayson Werth. Mayberry, Jr. IS a guy with NO track record in offensive production. Sardinha should go back to the Iron Pigs, where he belongs. Charlie is wrong

Why are you blaming Charlie? He is playing what he’s given.

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