Ruiz, Utley Look OK; Oswalt’s Fastball? Not There

Nothing is official, but I think we know a few things from last night’s Class A Clearwater game:

  • Expect Carlos Ruiz to be activated from the DL today.
  • Chase Utley continues to move in a straight line. He homered last night. He’s getting closer. (Late next week, maybe?)
  • Roy Oswalt didn’t have his fastball, which could indicate he is not ready to rejoin the rotation Tuesday in St. Louis, although we’ll hopefully learn more today. “He normally throws a lot of fastballs, normally 93,94 (mph), and today he said he doesn’t feel good, with the fastball, more like 89, 90,” Ruiz said. “The first couple of innings, fastball cut, not too much life in his fastball.  In the last couple of innings, better, better location, he was throwing more breaking balls because he was thinking the fastball’s not there.  When he is on, he’s not afraid to throw his fastball on any count, today it was a little different.  It was a lot of fastball cut, the location was not there that’s why we threw more changeups, curveballs, sliders.” Of course, Oswalt could be perfectly healthy. He just could’ve been disinterested in letting loose in a Class A game. We’ll see.


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Glad CSN televised the game. It was fun to watch.
Good test for Chase’s knee. Running the bases twice, turning a double play, sliding into 3rd. Hope he’s feeling ok, today.

Nothing to worry about with Oswalt, he will rebound. Good news on Utley, sure to miss him.. Wooo Hooo the little train that could, and He can..he’s our good luck charm.

Was so sorry I missed the minor league game last night. That would’ve been fun to watch.

Glad Chooch has been activated from the DL. Don’t think Oswalt riding his tractor for a week did much good for his back issues.

A lot of frustrated Braves tonight. In fact, Freeman should have been ran for his meltdown.
If the Braves keep using that bullpen like they have the last week, they’ll burn out by the All-Star break.

I think the Braves give the lie to this “quality start” bullshit although I am not sure that the Braves even get many of these despite the fact they appear to have a formidable starting rotation. On the other hand, allowing every pitcher to go eight or nine innings when seven or eight would suffice is not much better. The first approach stresses the bullpen while the latter stresses the starting rotation.

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