Blanton’s Velocity Down, Victorino Hurting

A few random notes/thoughts on yesterday’s 5-3 loss to the Braves:

  • Joe Blanton still feels soreness in his right elbow, but he said afterward it has improved from his last start. But there is no mistaking his velocity is down. His fastball averaged roughly 86 mph today. Its average is 89 mph for the season. “Blanton isn’t throwing 90-plus anymore,” Chipper Jones said. “He threw a couple balls over the plate in the first inning. But after that not a whole lot. He stayed on the corners. He’s got a really good changeup. But he’s got a really good changeup because he throws 90 or 91. I only saw a couple 88 or 89s today. Most of them were 85, 86, or 87.”
  • Shane Victorino left the game with soreness in his right hamstring. He will not play tomorrow. He said he hopes a little rest will be enough, but leg injuries are tricky. If he flat out pulls it he could miss a significant period of time. I’m sure the Phillies want him to be smart.
  • Ben Francisco is hitting .071 (2-for-28) with six walks and six strikeouts since May 1. Braves right-hander Tim Hudson pitches in today’s series finale. Maybe today is a good time for Ross Gload to start. John Mayberry Jr. could be starting in center field with Victorino out. He has hit .250 (5-for-20) with one RBI against right-handers this season, but if he can show Charlie Manuel he can hit right-handers maybe he can earn a little more playing time when Victorino comes back.


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As much as I wanted to win 2 out of 3, we blew the first game because of not being able to knock a couple of guys in, and I don’t see us beating Halladay. Hudsons gonna give the Phils a run for their money, but unless Freeman can hit a shot like he did last year off Hallday with a few men on, I don’t share much optimism.

dude, the phillies cant hit. i give the braves a 60/40 chance of winning sunday.

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I’d like to see Mayberry get more playing time. I think we’ve already seen that Francisco is nothing more than a fourth outfielder and Ibanez is doen.

Actually Todd, Francisco is 3 for 32 since May 1. he had a hit on May 1, the 10th and 13th.
Francisco isn’t any more than a spare outfielder, and we’re seeing a large enough sample to come to a legitimate opinion. Not to mention, his fielding skills leave something to be desired.
I can’t wait for Domonic Brown to come back.

Let’s consider another alternative to Ben. How is Werth doing?

Werth doesn’t play for the Philies, pherris. But Mayberry does.

But, it is really Kendrick’s fault regardless.

Wow, 2 out of 3 and the Braves lead the year, head-to-head. How’s that Best rotation of all time work out again?

Hey reefer: Check the standings. Who gives a F about the head-to-head. This isn’t fantasy baseball, except in your head.

Hey muleman, leave him to his little victories. It’s all he’s got.

Enjoy,BillyBobReefer, this is the Braves WS for this year.

Hey billreef, you can keep Hudson and I’ll keep Halladay and we’ll see how that works out in the long run. You continue to show your lack of knowledge about MLB and you have no concept at all about the big picture. Good luck in trying for the wid card again this year.

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Still don’t know why Charlie isn’t platooning Mayberry w/Francisco. I liked LA’s comment that he didn’t care if he (Mayberry) didn’t get a hit yesterday. He liked his aggressiveness at the plate.

Karen, Mayberry shouldn’t platoon until Brown gets here. Right now he should be playing every day.

phan52: My logic w/platooning w/Francisco was to help Francisco get out of his hitting slump. It would be the best of both worlds…..Charlie’s loyalty to his starters and giving Mayberry a chance to win the position.

I never liked Francisco. He was a throw-in in the Cliff Lee deal and they have been trying to make him into something he is not ever since. He’s not even a very good defendive player.

Called that one. Nice throws, Bennie.

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