Four Is the Magic Number

The Phillies have scored three or fewer runs in 21 of their 40 games this season, but what does that mean exactly?

Consider this:

  • National League teams that score four or more runs in a game are 260-99 (.724).
  • The Phillies are 17-2 (.895) when they score four or more runs, which is the best record in the league.
  • National League teams that score three or fewer runs are 66-225 (.227).
  • The Phillies, Pirates, Padres and Dodgers are the only four teams in the league to score three or fewer runs in the majority of their games. The Pirates (18-23), Padres (18-23) and Dodgers (19-23) have losing records.

The Phillies should thank their lucky stars for their pitching. They are 8-13 (.381) when they score three or fewer runs. An 8-13 record actually is pretty impressive, considering the league has a .227 winning percentage in those games. Only two teams have better records when the offense doesn’t show up. The Giants are 9-13 (.409) and the Cardinals are 6-9 (.400).

The Phillies have the best record in the National League, but this is not a way to live. This is putting a lot of strain on the pitching staff, and it could spell disaster (i.e. a repeat of the 2010 NLCS) in the postseason. The Phillies need the offense to step up. They are counting on Chase Utley to help. He certainly should help, if he is healthy and can stay healthy, but that remains to be seen. If the Phillies do not get more production from their corner outfielders I think Domonic Brown has to come up sooner rather than later, if he continues to hit Triple-A pitching. In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt Charlie Manuel to play John Mayberry Jr. a little more, even against right-handed pitchers. I’m not saying Mayberry is a savior. He hasn’t proven he can hit right-handed pitching consistently, but with Ben Francisco struggling (his RBI last night was his first since April 29) it wouldn’t hurt to throw him in there once a week, would it?

Four runs.

Four runs and the Phillies are pratically unbeatable. They’ve got to find a way to make it happen.


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Two words: Utley, Werth. One is gone, the other has been injured. Both were huge in the past.

Werth was terrible with RISP and prone to lengthy slumps. Some are saying his offensive success was more or less a product of the lineup around him.

Francisco has been in a slump which I believe he will come out of sooner than later. It’s easy to dismiss him as a bad player, but consider his production early in the season and during spring training. Mayberry and Brown are lefties are lefties are lefties.

Mada, you must be watching the games in a mirror. Mayberry is a right-handed hitter.

…and Brown hasn’t played all year. What does he have to do with anything?

Try reading the whole article.

Mayberry is righthanded and Francisco stinks. And who cares what a player does in spring training? We’re a quarter into the season and Francisco has proved that he can’t play everyday.

Mayberry is righthanded and Francisco stinks. And who cares what a player does in spring training? We’re a quarter into the season and Francisco has proved that he can’t play everyday.
BTW, ‘lefties are lefties’ might be the dumbest explanation I have ever read. Is that anything like ‘righties are righties’?

Mayberry is indeed right-handed; I had him mixed up with his dad, who we all know is left-handed.

Concerning lefties are lefties: know anything about our lineup? We need a right-handed power hitter. I don’t know about you, but Howard-Brown-Ibanez sounds awful to me.

so this is quite interesting, i think that in our stars minds hitting home runs and scoring runs is the key to winning but in turn our pitching is getting it done. I think this we are most effective at least this year when our offense just plays with a clear mind and our pitching does good. with no runs on our stars minds then they play better.. a clear mind= no pressure. Take Howard for example he was struggling then hit 2 homers in one of the games against the braves because sense he was struggling he had a clear mind( he had no idea he was going to be the star of the night). plus chase back well be great

that doesnt make any sense

ya it does if you think about it

our offense just sucks, it has since the beginning of the season

Kevin is right, your lengthy comment is pointless, as well as grammatically atrocious. I read it twice and still don’t know what you’re talking about. You owe me five minutes.

it took you 5 minutes to read that twice?

The only strain on the pitching staff is the strain put on it by Charlie believing the press clippings and leaving the starters in too long. Charlie is either too trusting or senile. In the last few years he has left both Lidge and Utley in too long. The standard answer is the player says he is alright. Bullshit. If Charlie is being paid to manage, I hope he starts doing it soon. Oh, by the way, I vote Charlie is senile.

@Todd: I just think it’s funny that you chose a picture of Ibanez to illustrate the horrible offensive numbers. Was that commentary?

@phan52: I suggest you read your posts aloud before hitting post. If it doesn’t sound like it makes any sense it is because it doesn’t.

Can’t help you with your reading comprehension issues, ward.
‘Baseball for Dummies’ isn’t on my reading list but, hey, go for it and good luck.

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Maybe, just maybe the Phaltering Phillies should have held on to Milt Thompson. Or maybe it just has nothing to do with a hitting coach but with hitters nonchalant attitudes.

Baez Sucks needs to go. He keeps hitting bats with his pitches, JC Romero needs to go to as he does the same when he actually throws strikes

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