Returning Home Limping

A few thoughts before the Phillies open a nine-game homestand tonight against the Rockies:

  • The Phillies have a four-game losing streak, exactly the thing Charlie Manuel thought he wouldn’t have before the season started. But when the offense hits .142 (17-for-120) with a .224 on-base percentage and a .200 slugging percentage over four games you’re going to lose, no matter how good the pitching is.
  • The Phillies could use a jolt, but Chase Utley won’t provide it tonight. He’ll be in Clearwater getting at-bats for the Threshers. But this nine-game homestand runs through May 26. Utley has to be activated no later than May 30, if the Phillies think he is healthy, which means there is a good chance we see him before the Phillies hit the road again.
  • Shane Victorino thought his injured hamstring would be fine by tonight, but it sounds like it isn’t there yet if the Phillies are talking about a MRI.
  • Domonic Brown returned to the lineup last night with Triple-A Lehigh Valley. He went 1-for-2 with two RBIs and two walks. Like I’ve said, if Brown keeps hitting the ball like he has and the Phillies’ corner outfielders continue to struggle, I think we’ll see Brown sooner rather than later.
  • Not that it will make you feel any better, but according to Elias Sports Bureau, Cardinals pitcher Jamie Garcia is the first pitcher to throw 30 or more innings and allow no more than one earned run in his first four home starts in a season since Roger Clemens in 1991. Clemens allowed just one earned run through his first 32 innings at Fenway Park.


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I wonder what Clemen’s drug of choice was in 1991?

Said this on some other blogs – I am seriously hoping for rain-outs tonight and tomorrow so some of the injured players can heal and so that everyone on the team can clear their heads! Never thought I’d want more rain this spring, but bring it on!

Please oh please don’t let this be another injury that the phillies have kept quiet about for Victorino…..The pattern always seems to be: ‘ah no big deal, couple of days rest’ and next thing you know they are out of the lineup for a month……We really cant miss Vic right now….

I hope Rubin Amaro Jr. kept a few of those incriminating pictures of Ed Wade that landed us Oswalt…might need to pull them out again and go get us a Hunter Pence!

Thank you for a good article. Keeping up with the injuries and who is wherever rehabbing is no easy task. Keep up the good work.

The corner outfielders are bad enough when Vic is in the lineup. When he’s not, it is probably the worst outfield in MLB. How did they ever think that Francisco could be an everyday player?
I’m not suggesting that they should have paid Werth all that money, but they should have had a plan. I have to assume that the plan was Brown. He played again last night for LV, so get him up here soon.

I really don’t see Brown being called up before Utley. I’m guessing Rube will wait to mid June for Brown so they have an extra year of control. Unless Utley comes up and the offense STILL is not producing (especially corner OF spots), then maybe he gets an early call up.

And the plan should have been implemented two off seasons ago at the earliest or at the trading deadline last year at the latest. But, come on, let’s not tax Junior by asking him to walk while chewing gum.

Hey Rube it is time to address the composition of the bullpen. You made a mistake signing Baez to a 2 year contract. It was obvious last year that he is too unreliable. OK time to move on and release Baez now. Do your job and find an arm to replace Baez. And why is Scott Mathieson taking up a roster spot ? He is horrible. I surely hope that Rube you are looking to to do something about finding some arms.

EastPhilly, what is your basis for calling our Scott Mathieson? He’s thrown 1 inning in professional ball this year. If anything, he needs to be used MORE.

Charlie should have used Mathieson last night in the ninth instead of Baez. At least they would find something out. We already know about Baez.

Baench Baez.

I never thought I would say this but these games are getting painful to watch. How long will the sellouts continue if they can’t soon get it together?

Let Baez pitch batting practice – it may help the offense

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