Madson Making His Case to Close

We’ve talked plenty lately about the shortcomings of the Phillies offense, so let’s take a look this morning at Ryan Madson‘s performance in the bullpen.

He’s 2-0 with a 0.53 ERA and seven saves in seven opportunities. He has allowed 10 hits, one run, seven walks (three intentional walks) and has struck out 22 in 17 innings. Opponents have hit .167 against him.

He’s done the job.

So what happens if Jose Contreras comes back next week?

So what happens if Brad Lidge comes back next month?

Contreras went 0-0 with a 0.00 ERA and five saves in five opportunities before he went on the DL. He allowed four hits, four walks and struck out nine in eight innings. Lidge hasn’t pitched since last season, but went 0-0 with a 0.73 ERA and 17 saves in 18 opportunities from Aug. 1 through the end of the regular season.

The Phillies would be incredibly fortunate to have Lidge, Madson and Contreras healthy and pitching effectively at the same time. But even if the planets align perfectly I think it’d be hard to move Madson from the ninth inning. Contreras did a fine job early, but Madson has been overpowering. And it will have been roughly eight months since Lidge last threw a pitch in a big-league game, if he returns next month. I’m not sure the Phillies want to just drop him back into the ninth inning.

“It will be a tough decision, but I think it’ll work itself out,” Charlie Manuel said. “I think when [Madson is] pitching like that, he kind of makes it tough right now to move him. What would be the point?”



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I’m glad charlie is even contemplating leaving Madson in as closer…..He is usually very loyal to Lidge, but Madson is the Phillies future, not Lidge….RAJ should tell him that…….

Madson is a free agent after this year and his agent is Scott Boras! Ruben is going to have to fork over a lot of dough to keep Madson. I’m praying he does, but it’s not going to be easy!

I agree 100% with dutchphillie!

What would be the point? Charlie asks. But, what will Charlie do? If he reverts to form, Madson doesn’t stand a chance of continuing as the closer. A one and done deal with one bad appearance by Madson being the reason for the done. Next he’ll give Contreras the same opportunity. Finally, he’ll traipse out Lidge and exclaim at the post game news conference following Lidge third or fourth shellacking after blowing four or five save opportunities, “Shucks fellas, it is what it is”.

I think the more important comment from charlie is ‘it will work itself out’ I think it means he will put Lidge back in as closer, and if he fails he will revert to madson or contreras….If Lidge doesnt fail, great…..Charlie wouldnt have made that comment if he already knew in his mind that Madson was gonna stay on as closer…It would have already been ‘worked out’……

Sorry Mr. Negadelphia, but the idea that Lidge will get the opportunity to blow multiple saves is laughable.
Lidge won’t close for the Phillies anymore except for maybe a situation where Madson isn’t available or both he and Contreras are hurt. As Charlie says, “What would be the point?”

Mr. Negadelphila? Whoa! You must have sat up all night in you mom’s basement to come up with that gem. I am surprised you can move your arms as Cheetos laden as they are. But you want to call me negative? Pray tell, what exactly are your comments incessantly ripping your Phillie de jour? Kendrick and Fransisco in the last week. Nary a word about your favorites such as Halladay, Lee or Oswalt. Oh! I forgot. The pantheon of Modern Day Saints does not make mistakes. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I don’t recall any of the other starters giving up two bombs and 5 RBI to a washed-up has-been. Or anybody else in RF throwing off-line five bouncers to home plate. I criticize Kendrick and Francisco because they don’t belong on a MLB roster. I’m not speculating negatively about what Charlie will do when Lidge gets back. I’m commenting on what I see on the field.
And nice projection there about the basement. Clever and original, that. Fifth grade level stuff.

Madson is also the Phillies present! He really seems to be realizing the potential he’s always had to close.

There’s absolutely no reason for Lidge to close for this team during the few months in 2011 when he’s finally “healthy”…the Phillies won’t be picking up his 2012 option no matter what he does. He’s just too much of a liability.

Madson will remain the closer, and hopefully the Phillies can sign him to a deal before he hits the open market.

Lidge – injury prone, bit of a head case. No contract for ’12.
Madson – finally delivering consistently as a closer. I think he wants to test the free-agent market. So be it, but if he continues to perform like he has, Phils got to bring him back.

they should look into offering madson a contract now instead of at the end of the season……If he keeps this up all year he is gonna be really expensive….I’d still keep him though….A phillie all the way!

dutchphillie, Scott Boros is Madson’s agent so the chance of signing him before free agency is slim. I agree that they must sign him, but it’s going to be expensve. He’ll give the Phillies a little bit of a hometown discount, but not a lot.

He could actually play the match-ups instead of the ‘9th inning has got to be this guy!’ mentality that managers have now.

It’s his job to lose. Lidge and Contreras better get comfy in the 7th and 8th inning roles.

Madson’s deal could be pricey, but they’re already paying Lidge $11.5 this season, and the $1.5 mil buyout for 2012 won’t be too hard to swallow if Madson is the guy.
Ibanez’s $11.5 million comes off next year too, and if they’re fortunate enough to be able to plug-in Mayberry and/or D. Brown, that money could also be spent elsewhere (Hamels).
Other players are due raises, but there will be money to spend, they just have to spend it right.

They may not have as much money to spend as you think, muleman. They are already at $112MM for 11 players, and that doesn’t include Oswalt’s option or Hamels expected raise. Hamels, Oswalt and Madson can end up costing them in the area of $40MM or so, so that’s $152MM already for 14 players. I know one thing for sure, they are not going to get into luxury tax territory, so Amaro has his work cut out for him.

If the Phillies were to work out a deal before the the end of the season, it would not happen before the trade deadline. Who knows what we will need by that time, and what contract they come with. It makes no sense for the Phillies to negotiate a contract before then, and have it limit their ablility to pick up an outfield bat at that point.

Having said that, I would love for the Phillies to resign Madson. And any elite closers come with a large pricetag attached.

What the Phillies should be concentrating on at this time is trading Utley. The guy is damaged goods, both physically and mentally. He is on a downward spiral. Why wait until he hits bottom?

Right now Madson is the closer, Contreras is the set up man and Lidge is on the DL for at least another month. When (if) he gets back we can rethink things based on who’s doing what then. AS for the idiotic idea of trading Utley, all I can say is-WTF?!? he’s the heart and soul of the team, and still one of the top 4 2B in the game

fij where have you been? Hunkered down in your bomb shelter due to incomings? What can I say other than it sucks to be you. Getting back to the main point, trade Utley now while he has value. Just as Junior should have done with Werth last year at this time. Where did you come up with this Utley = “heart and soul” of Phillies bullshit? Last time I looked Phillies are in first place without Chase “The Head Case” Utley.

Nice racist comments there pherris, but why am I not surprised?

Pope phan 52, my comment is racist how? And you should know all about 5th grade shit considering all your snide remarks. But then again I presume too much if I presume you even have a 5th grade education?

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