Offensive Struggles Weighing On Phillies

I thought Jimmy Rollins had a telling comment following last night’s 7-1 loss to the Rockies.

“Everybody knows what’s going on,” he said. “We’re struggling to score runs. We’re not getting a lot of hits. It’s kind of weighing on everybody.”

The Phillies have lost five of six games. They have not scored more than three runs in a game since last Friday. They have not had more than six hits in a game since last Friday. Charlie Manuel is beyond frustrated. He has four spots in his lineup that rank in the bottom half of baseball in production: catcher (26th in baseball with a .578 OPS), second base (25th with a .574 OPS), left field (17th with a .674 OPS) and right field (25th with a .693 OPS). Those are the 5, 6, 7 and 8 spots in the lineup. Combine them with Phillies pitchers and it has been nearly impossible to get rallies going once Ryan Howard hits.

But now figure in Shane Victorino‘s trip to the DL, Placido Polanco cooling off (he’s hitting .230 in May), Rollins cooling off (he’s hitting .184 in his last nine games) and Howard’s 0-for-20 slump and it’s even worse. Nobody is hitting, and there is no immediate solution. They simply have to hope the top of the order gets back on track, Chase Utley returns next week, Domonic Brown continues to hit to force a promotion and the 5, 6, 7, 8 hitters improve just enough to allow the Phillies some chances at extended rallies.

“We are still in first place, and that’s the mentality you have to have,” Rollins said. “That after all this, this bad stretch of injuries, we still have a chance to hold on and push some games up.”

The Phillies have the best record in the National League, but to stay there they have to start hitting. No pressure.


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It speaks volumes about the pitching that they are still in first place. And I believe that they are the only team left in MLB that has not lost a game with a lead going into the ninth inning. It’s not just the starters, it’s Madson as well.

Watching the Phillies hit has become painful. They’re not fighting off pitches, going deep in counts, they’re just offering at anything tossed down the plate. They were better off before they fired Milt Thompson and now they need a hitting coach more than ever – somebody to light a fire in them!!

The fact that Phillies brass can continue to trot out and start players like Michael Martinez and Pete Orr is beyond my understanding. Rule 5 or not, who cares? Martinez does not belong on a major league roster, period. Amaro says Dom Brown isn’t ready… ok, fine. Solution:

Move Benny Fresh (struggling, granted) or Mayberry to Center and start Gload in RF. The man deserves some at bats. Defense isn’t great, but offense is our #1 priority at this point. It’s a very deflating feeling to be down 3-0 and feel like turning off the TV because there is not hope that the Phillies can match that on any given night.

Or, bring up Ronnie Belliard, who has good MLB experience, IF/OF flexibility, and a respective .278 avg at Lehigh Valley. Clearly I’m making Martinez the scapegoat for a frustrating lineup, but I think any of the Young/Barfield/Belliard combo sitting in AAA is better than what Martinez gives us.

@ Mike, great point. I feel like the majority of starting pitchers the Phillies face (aka Jake “Cy” Westbrook, etc.) are going into the 7th inning against us with like 75 pitches total.. they are making quick and easy outs against these pitchers that are making only 10 pitches an inning. I believe de la Rosa had 62 pitches the other night as he started the 6th or 7th. The Phillies have to battle these pitchers to get the pitches they want.

It has been a very painful series of games indeed. It’s not even fun to watch. I’m starting to think my Dad would actually have a better chance hitting the ball. God bless the pitchers tho. That’s all we got right now.

And PS – I LOVE this blog, but I gotta admit I’m sick of seeing this SAME pic of Ryan Howard with that goofy face.

the only bright side is: They can’t possibly hit this bad all year long….:-) We all knew that pitching is what we were gonna get this year after Werth left, and Lee signed….And with all the injuries, we are basically trotting a few AAA players and a couple Utility guys out every night….If the lineup gets healthy, they’ll be fine….fingers crossed🙂


Has anybody else noticed that the offense really started to tank when Chase left to start his rehab assignment? Yeah, he’s not playing. But I can’t help but think his presence is missed in the clubhouse. He IS the team captain!
And Charlie needs to stop letting the players manage the team. I’m tired of him saying, “So and so said he felt ok to play, so I let him”. YOU’RE the manager, Chuck!

The bright side of last night’s game, for those of us who were there? We got REALLY nice promotional caps! LOL!

Good insight Norma48 about Utley. Sure hope you are right and they do better when he’s back. And those were nice promo caps too🙂
Between the Phillies’ hitting and the constant rain in PA it has been a depressing week. C’mon sunshine, and let’s go Phils!

Charlie doesn’t have much choice trotting out much of his bench players what with so many injuries. One can only hope that they can find a bat before/near the trade deadline. Also Chase can not arrive soon enough (although I wouldn’t be surprised if at first he’s a bit “rusty”)

I’m hoping that they recall Vance Worley (I heard his nickname is Frames…because of his glasses🙂

All you women jonesing for Worley please do us all a favor and withhold your affections at least until he gets rid of that retro-mullet look.

Pherris: If worley continues to pitch as he did last time he was up I dont care who has afections for him, what his nickname is, nor why, or anything else

Chillax, fij, nor do I care about anything but winning but isn’t a fan (please note not phan) allowed to have some fun?

pherrisphain: It’s fun to root for the youngster. Hopefully Worley and now Brown will be successful.

karen62: who is saying it isn’t fun rooting for a “youngster? But, please smack him on the back of the head while telling him to get a haircut. He looks either like John Kruk circa 1993 or like an Atlanta Brave.

pherrisphain: LOL! You sound like such an “old person” telling a youngster to get a haircut….too funny (nobody needed a decent haircut more the Werth. I don’t care for his shaggy look myself)

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